Help me make a decision!

I need to know what you guys think. I have a rytm and was looking to get the octatrak mk2 . I really want sampling capabilities and midi capabilities. Should I get an octatrack mk2 or instead get a Digitak and Analog heat ? I understand that one only does mono samples and the other does stereo. What would be a better deal for me to get? Thanks in advance.

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I’m with you on that! I find it really hard to decide.
On one hand I know that the OT is a much more capable machine but one has to spend the time to explore its capabilities.
On the other hand the DT is a smaller version of the OT and quicker to work with.
I keep asking myself what will happen if I buy a DT, will I be board at somepoint not in the far future, looking for more possibilities as there’s in the OT? Tough one.

As a side note, one of the biggest disadvantage with DT for me is inability to sample stereo sources.

As regards to the budget, I know that in two months after the OT mk2 will be available and the initial hype will slow down, I could probably get a second hand OT mk1 for a really good price, very close to a new DT!

Mmm, that’s a hard one, but in my case I rather be patient and weigh my options :slight_smile:

It would be great to hear from you guys out there who have both machine, if you could buy only one of them, which one will you buy.


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I don’t have both. And I think no one can answer this question in general, because it depends so much on everyone’s individual needs.
I play whole Sets with only the OT, so I need the bigger memory and the Cf card. So the digitakt has lost here for me already. I don’t have to go on comparing features.
It depends what you want to achieve.


That is a really good point. It’s taken me a year to get my A4K and Rtym to properly be part of my music and I’ve been hankering after an OT to add a sampling capability. I really don’t want to go down the DAW route, watching performers checking their email on stage is so tedious. I like to add in other instruments, sax, recorder etc to the electronic so OT mki Vs MKii is a bit of a “so what” for me. I can’t play a sax in stereo either.

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I have the OT for little over 3 weeks now and I do not find it as hard as some people make it.
You need to forget everything you know once you approach it but after two/three days everything starts to fall into place.
I only have 1-2 hours a day for music but I’m almost done with my first track with the A4/OT as part of the setup.
Obviously I do not know all the options it has but opinions that you need a year to learn it seem pretty crazy if you ask me.
Watch YT while you wait for it to be shipped and you will have a nice head start.
DT is a much simpler machine and UI seems to be nicer but again it’s a matter of muscle memory and hitting those key “combos” on OT becomes second nature in no time.