Help me understand what's happening in this video

So, at 3:42 in this video, something happens that I don’t understand. It looks like he simply mutes and then unmutes the same track, but in the process a new drum sound (clap) comes in. At first I thought it must be song mode (which I’ve not learned yet) but you can clearly see that the “pattern” LED is lit up.

It happens again at 4:29 when the hats come in, though this time he’s not even muting any tracks or touching anything pattern related.

What am I missing here?

you mean them claps? they seem to be coming from the DIGIPRO machine (Bbox or what is it called). to be honest, i dont know excatly how he activates the, as he did not seem to change patterns and all tracks are playing. seems alsmost like post record editing to me…

Yeah not only that, there’s a reversed clap right when he unmutes it, which you can’t do on the MnM. And I don’t think that clap is a BBOX wave.

3:42 … i am pretty sure this is an after effect from DAW … i would not know how MM does that… UNLESS:

there is a pattern change going on, and when the new pattern loads, it simply loads with a clap (which was muted in the previous pattern) … might not even have to do anything with the unmuted track!

funny because when i heard it i though “now that’s a nice clap from the mm! why can’t i get one like that?” Though in the comments he says it’s all bbox “it’s all the BBOX machine in the DPRO synh within the monomachine” - I assume some attack on the clap to make it sound backwards?

Ok, so it’s not just me that’s flummoxed by this then. Either this guy is a wizard, or the description isn’t entirely true…