Help me understand why and how empty param locks affect sound

I’m attaching a video for example, 6 step pattern with DVCO kick with 2 trigs playing perfectly fine, but as soon as I add empty param locks everything changes inconsistently. I’m trying to understand why this is happening and how can I avoid or tame the changes.

on my DN this never happens, empty param lock never affects anything, so I’m not sure why this happens on the AR

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Presumably the yellow ones also retrig envelopes and LFOs.

Sounds nice. Record it!

I thought so too, but if you look at ~30 sec you can see that the freshly added param locks have everything locked on off, including the ENV…

I’m trying to make a track out of this but can’t figure out why it’s so inconsistent :smiley:


:tophat::rabbit2: magic? :joy:

Upload your project and i’ll take a look later if you like?

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Sorry I missed that. Watching on phone; shitty eyesight.

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I feel I need to have a spell book next to this thing!

I’ve moved it to a new project, slightly different sound but pretty much the same effect…

PLOCKS.arprj (3.7 KB)

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Cool, I’ll have a look later and see if it is replicated on mine. 🪄

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Weird - best guess I have which is probably a bad one, something to do with the LFO? Is it assigned to anything? Is there an LFO trigger mode that might cause this? By design the lock trigs really shouldn’t trigger anything other than the parameters assigned to them.

Out of interest is the compressor in use? If it is does anything change if you make it dry?

there’s a LFO mapped to OSC1 Tune but it doesn’t matter if it’s disabled (0 value or no destination), same thing with the compressor, dry/wet does not change behavior.
all trigs have LFO set to OFF on the TRIG page.

that’s what baffles me, on DN this is the exact behavior, but on AR it’s like this, weird and inconsistent.

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I can’t quite work out what it’s doing either - I’d have guess something to do with drive or compressor , it doesn’t quite sound like a retrigger, more like a delay.

Love a good mystery

I’ve attached a fresh project with pretty much same setup, stock kit with no compressor/drive, on my AR it has same behavior…
you can try it on yours see if it’s the same, should work on mk1 as well, only DVCO no samples or anything

Haha sometimes the AR can have its own will… maybe there’s no explanation for this.

One thing I can think of is the amp env on the kicks… If you give it a short envelope which doesn’t overlap with the next trig, does it still do this?

yep thought of that too, even with trig length .750 and amp release 5 it’s the same, the trigs and the param locks should not overlap but something is happening

oh and they are empty param locks, they should not trigger anything, so on paper the trig length should not matter anyway…

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I’ve definitely found occasional bugs when starting a new project that although it should be fresh, can sometimes have parameters still in one state, even if visually in another.

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now I’m wondering if that’s a bug and if other rytms have this behavior as well…
if no one else can replicate this then I’d probably send this to support.

did some other tests, same pattern setup, same weird thing:

XT Classic on the LT channel, pretty much same thing… no lfo, no filter.

Noise on MT (ATK on machine set to 2 to avoid harsh click):

I’m very curious if other units behave the same way

AR2 still has bugs although I’m not saying that this is a bug necessarily.

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guess I’ll add it to the bugs thread for now, I thought maybe I’m missing something

I just managed to get some time to look at this.

I first thought this wasn’t a bug, but then did some more tests and it’s definitely firing when it shouldn’t according to the manual.

I also created a different project that you can see the behaviour of the LFO ONE MOD versus the TRIG MOD and both do what they should until they reach the empty param locks.

The Manual states P.77 the LFO starts on note triggers, so this shouldn’t trigger as it’s not a note. The only one that doesn’t trigger on empty Param locks is the FREE MOD, belongings you turn off LFO in the TRIG.

Definitely a bug. Good spot.

PLOCKS2.arprj (3.8 KB)

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thanks, I will send this to support

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