Help! Model: Cycles volume drops

Hi all! New to the FM synth world and super excited to embark on this journey. Decided to get Model: Cycles as my starter pack!

I just got it delivered last week but have found a really strange issue with it - after I play with it for a while the volume drops down to really low - it seemed like a gradual process, and I couldn’t figure out why. I always have to turn it off and back on again for the volume to come back on full. It’s been puzzling me for three days and changing the audio setting (HPMAX) and resetting it don’t seem to fix the issue.


Hello! :wave:
Please contact support through Elektron website! Im sure they know the answer and will help you in a timely manner.

This sounds like a power delivery issue to me. Make sure you are using a correct power supply and that everything is plugged in properly.

Before trying to fix it, wait support to answer. :heart: