Help needed for finishing a m4l-device for better push integration

i bought the rytm because of overbridge and USB-Audio (just don`t have enough extra inputs on my mixer),
but there were a few limitations which bothered me from the beginning:

  1. i work with push and no matter if you work with a drumrack or on seperate channels you alwaysw have to select the chain (or channel) with overbridge to automate parameters. so the first goal with this device was that ( i always use overbridge in a drum rack) i want to be able to select a D.R.-pad and immediately have all the parameters ready to automate (this part is already working)

  2. P-locks!!!
    i want to be able to P-lock like on the internal sequencer, not like it`s working on the push where you could only lock it for the duration of the step/note (kind of solved in a seperate device)

  3. i want to be able to mute rytm tracks on the rytm itself, even if the notes are coming from live (done. and it`s only optionally, means you could turn this behaviour off)

  4. change kits and sounds directly from the device, automate that and save presets as well as morph between them. on single tracks and the whole kit as well (not done yet, but not a problem)

  5. see the sample names on the device (that`s a problem i still have no idea how to solve it. i already figured out the sysex string to get the currently selected kit)

  6. an option that if you work with sample chains you have a dial where you can automatically jump to the beginning of each slice (not a problem, but not implemented yet)

  7. (the coolest thing) drop a sample on one track, which then gets uploaded to the rytm (it must be possible, but i have no idea how to acomplish that yet)

i think that`s it. at least these are the biggest features

so if you are interested to help me finish this project (as i said: most parts are already working) and you are experienced with max just let me know (if you are a sysexwizard and you have some experience with java script that would be top)

Use for decoding / encoding sysex
It will take a lot of work to do what you want to do

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actually we already chatted about that. the problem with libanalogrytm is that i have no experience with any kind of programming (beside max) and i have no idea what to do with it and how to get information from it.
all the sysexstrings i already figured out i got from observing the messages your collider app sends :slight_smile:
and yes it`s a lot of work, i know, but the most essential parts are already done. the rest would be just kind of a bonus.
and after i realized how little progress i made with the “bonus features” in the last weeks, i thought that asking for help might be not a bad idea.

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Sorry, I remember. Your best bet would be to contact bsp (who made the library). He may be able to help you use his library inside max. At the end of the day, you are going to need to use code (not max’s visual objects)…I would also ask on the Max forums how to use a c library inside Max. Maybe there is a way to use the Max javascript object or something.

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unfortunately i already wrote him and got no response…
and yes, its already obvious that i need to use code, that was the reason why i added js experience at the end of my post. i even talked to a friend of mine whos a genious programmer if he could make one (or more, i don`t know…)
max object out of libanalog rytm for me, but the problem with people who are really good at something is that they are usually pretty busy already. same with him.
so it would take ages until he has got enough free time to do that for me.
nevermind :slight_smile: thx