Help needed with dubby reverb settings

I am struggling with settings for a long and warm reverbbut cannot really get to it. Working on a dub techno:ish piece and I have a short stab chord that I want to have reverb and a ttiny bit of delay on for two bars when the stabchord returns.

Do you have any good tips om getting the reverb sound nice and warm here?
Dec+Release an the chord?
FX track settings? Have been playing a bit with Reverb LPF and HPF but cant nail it…
Also should i throw in an lfo somwhere you think?

Without hearing the music it’s hard to say what would solve your problem. Have you tried p-locking the decay on the FX track for when the stab chord plays? Do the other tracks rest after the stab for long enough for them not to catch the longer reverb time? You might need to use much less (or no) reverb on the other tracks. I’ve done a new tut on using A4 FX which might be of help. If not, let me know.


I know this is an old topic but I have the same issue. I just picked up an a4. I’m so use to Ableton’s reverb that I find it hard to get the sound I’m looking for. I find the a4’s reverb to have a lot of bright reflections and even toying with the filters and volume I can’t get that mid range dark tone with a night mid / high space sound that I can with Ableton’s reverb. I’m still trying though!

I dont know if it will solve your issue really, but Ive gotten a lot of great results using lfos and p-locking the delay and reverb parameters. I think one can get some pretty organic, imprecise spacial fx this way.

I’d suggest some cheap guitar pedals. An analog style delay and a lo fi digital reverb, like EHX cathedral. The Rytm can’t do it.

Yeah I have been thinking about that. but I feel like that’s kind of a waist of the a4 as it it’s rather powerful. I may end up doing the dub chord on something else and using the a4 for bass lines / pads and such.

I use the internal reverb for flexibility, I never use it for character. Get a single nice reverb - the new OTO comes to mind - for sculpting the nice stuff

I really like the long reverbs of the A4 for live sets, set the reverb decay 100-120. From around 125 it will start to build up and with 127 you get infinit decay for drone like stuff. Also Rytm Reverb + Delay is quite nice. Turn up the saturation in the delay path, gives you great resulsts (AR delay sounds better to me then A4 delay btw.)
But to be honest, It doesn´t sound like a great dub techno kind reverb. Also with the delay I can´t get real tape style delay. But there are really great delay vsts out there for dub things … just try: U-He Satin, NI Tape Delay from Guitar Rig (Space Echo kind delay + Reverb), Soundtoys Echoboy.
For reverb I went with Eventide Space. Also Strymon make great pedals. I didn´t like software reverbs. Always missing this lush and wide open sound.

Yeah I have software verbs I like a lot, but my goal is to do as much as I can with the hardware so I can do more live sets. I’ll prob just setup some panning or something to send one track out of the left side. tho I don’t think you can pan the reverb so there would be some bleed from other stuff.

Yeah I have some TC Electronics that I like a lot and have my eye on a big sky and Boss RE20

yeh i find the A4 reverb works best with very long decay settings, almost at the end of the range, like G says

pre-delay around the 12 oclock…

the lightness/darkness can be controlled quite a bit by the shelving frequency and shelving gain

yeh the A4 verb sounds really good actually… probly the best built-in reverb Ive ever heard

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