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Iv’e just got hold of a Machinedrum uw+.I’ve managed to transfer a cr78 kit via the c6 and tm1.Now i cant get my head around the structure of the +drive.Could anyone tell me how i create a kit from the samples.I cant work out the relationship between banks,snapshots,manager and the final kit.If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.Just the basic workflow would do me.Thanks

ur question is legit! … very complicated indeed…

just to keep it simple at the beginning:

if you want to use ur samples, you have to look into:

a new kit (an old kit will work too, trust me , start a new kit)

edit kit, go to ROM and there you will see the samples which are on your +drive

if you dont see any of the cr76 samples you will have to “” load another sample bank “”

makes sense, right?

sample bank with the cr76 is not the same sample bank with the 808 samples etc ,

where do you find them sample banks? … in the global menu slot ( lets say global slot 1) press enter… go to the file section, sen to the smplbanks … load a new one to your liking …

next is snapshots: to be honest, havent really looked into that, theory says, and please other elektronauts, help me out there … if you have your cr76 samples spread over several kits, and several patterns you would take a snapshopt , just in case you delete a sample, or fuck up a pattern… so you could go back in time and reload the snapshot … but I am not entirely sure about that.

hope this helps a bit

welcome to the MD and to the forum… wait…subj … you have been posting things before havent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the quick reply and your time.This should do the trick,it’s just the nudge i needed and will help me out greatly.It’s just a bit of a curve to get round (for me anyway).I’ll make sure to report back as soon as i master it.Thanks again.


Hiya Trabant
I’ve managed to sort it out thanks to your help.CR78 kit is up and running and i’ve managed to get the path of things into my head.Very grateful.

gooood stuff buddy … another piece of unwanted advice … if you create something that you want to keep … take a breath now while you read this … keep breathing…

you will lose it ! (full stop)

if you want to keep it, record it , immediately .

happened to ALL OF US !

In regards to this, and exploring changing snapshots, take a good look at the manual re: the two different modes for changing snapshots (at the end of the manual in the +drive section). Not at my MD at the moment, but there is one mode selectable in the global menu where the snapshot you’re working on is automatically discarded when you switch to another; the other mode automatically saves your snapshot before switching. I’ve lost some material in the former mode…

Thanks for the information Zwolf,appreciated.

A snapshot is like a complete save of the entire machine at that moment. Patterns, kits and the current sample bank, the samples in it and what kits they are assigned to will all be saved in a snapshot. What I do is to associate each snapshot with a different bank of samples. Snapshots can be loaded while the MD is playing. You will hear the samples in the sample bank change as the new snapshot/bank is loaded (if you are using any Sample ROM slots in the current pattern)

So for me each snapshot is an entirely new set if you will with a full bank of samples. I give them generic names. DnB, hiphop, 808, 909 etc

With a bit of clever thinking you can change sample banks seamlessly on the fly. For instance have one dedicated “switching” pattern that is common to all snapshots. And have no samples playing in that kit. You can then change snapshot but you won’t hear the sample bank changing in the background.

careful with mixing these terms brother … you can switch samplebanks while the sequencer is running, but not snapshots. switching snaps will stop the sequencer :wink:

Ah ok. Not in front of machinedrum at the moment. The snapshot save setting as mentioned above is also pretty important.