Help! Octatrack fader stopped working completely

and i am in Bali of all places, so forget sending anything to Elektron, and I have a big gig coming up…

when i assign the fader of my faderfox with CC 48 (octa fader) i get the same A-B scene effect as the octa fader - but the octa fader itself quit… what can it be ? dust , dirt ? loose ? can i get an electric guy to fix it ?
anyone else experience with this issue ?

First thought: Open the octatrack and check if the ribbon connectors are still in place.
You appear to have been on the road, that might explain a loose cable.
Dust and dirt tend to result in skipping, not complete dysfunction.


ok thanks ill try that

The xfader is optical, isn’t it ?


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a) Stupid question, but you haven’t assigned Scene A and Scene B the same?

b) Can you replicate in a new Project?

c) OS Version? Isn’t there a diagnostics for that.


I have a doubt too.
d) You don’t receive midi Cc48 anymore and / or scenes AB don’t tweak audio anymore?

e) Whats the CC Direct Connect status?

[Project] -> [Control] -> [Midi Sequencer] -> [CC Direct Connect]

Hey guys, as I stated in my original post: when I MIDI CC the fader function from my MIDI controller (UC-4 faderfox) by setting CC 48, I can have the Fader function happening from there. The internal fader doesn’t work. Yeah of course I have different settings for A & B - I’m opening old projects with fader settings and the fader in the Octa just doesnt do anything, doesn’t transmit any MIDI data… I’m pretty sure it is a hardware issue…

What are the results of test mode?

Power Off.
Hold [Function] and Power On
On the Early Startup menu, Press [Trig 01]
After Function Test has finished, move the Crossfader from left to right.
What are the results?

Expected Results: Moving the crossfader will be represented by a light on various trigs, and when fully left/right Trig01/16 will be Green.

You wouldn’t be the first cat to have done that and have a little panic about it…

As others have helpfully suggested, you could be looking at a number of causes, and a number of resolutions.

Work through them.

Provide results.

Play nice…


Results are no lights moving around like with the encoders or any other buttons. The fader is physically not working, so next step is I’ll check if the cable is detached… or maybe cleaning, and if cleaning, whats the method here ? much thanks guys I appreciate the help a lot!

I’d do the test mode Rusty mentionned before.

Hope for you it’s the cable. Cleaning depends on dust or dirt. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll be able to clean with air spray, following instructions.
Web search optical crossfader cleaning, I have one on my dj mixer too, so you should find general advices.


If no activity, then yes, indicates a hardware issue.

First step / advice would be to do a backup of all your stuff, then do a factory reset. If still an issue…

Physically you will need a Torx 09 to open the front panel.

First what @sezare56 said. You should be able to find ‘Compressed Air’

Then like @MichalHo said, check the connectors for the crossfaer are still seated.

Remember to use test mode in between, thats what it is there for.

Good luck… “All care, no repsonsibility”


That’s the thread about cleaning the optical marker plate, but I suspect yours really is a cable issue.


thanks guys… i’ve tried everything, had a pro electric engineer check the cable etc but he said he couldnt measure the optical thing because it doesnt have Om or whatever - Im in Bali, forget sending something to sweden let alone getting it back here, what to do… Pretty bumped out about this, especially considering i have always been super careful with my octa and never abused it or dropped it or anything like that.
I just installed the OS 1.25H, also no difference… What could it possibly be ? It could still be the cable and the guy having not the right tools to check that or change that … can it be changed ?

You need the right guy with the right tools, and right knowledge.
Did you make the test mode ?

yeah of course (see thread) i’ve done everything i could possibly do, and by the way im not a total technical disaster, and my electri guys are good here in bali, they just have never seen an optical fader device before, and i have neither… no pioneer deck has an optical fader technology at least not in this area of the world…

Maybe you could get Elektron to ship you the part and then do a swap yourself?

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Contact support. We can ship you a new fader and it is quite easy to replace.


i did, noone responds since days…