HELP: OT newbie... how to start playing 2 (or more) long static tracks at the exact same time for live performance?

Hello there. This is analogous to having the classic two turntables and a mixer setup, except with 2 stems of the same track as opposed to two different tracks. I want to play a few of my tracks live with a bit of flexibility but not too much as I’ve only been playing with the OT a few weeks, and can’t risk messing up. Ideally I’d like to be able to create a very short & simplified live set consisting of 4 tracks of mine divided into 2 stems (one for drums and the other for everything else… no vocals). I’m thinking I could assign track 1, stem A (drums) as a static machine to T1, stem B (everything else) to static T2 then play both stems from the beginning AT THE SAME TIME then be able to go back and forth between T1 and T2 playing with FX and scenes? Then I’d put track 2, stem A on T3 and stem B on T4… Track 3, stem A on T5 and stem B on T6… then finally track 4, stem A on T7, stem B on T8. I’ve tried this and changed their configuration to TRACKS and SLOTS and can’t get it to work. I’ve been able to play 2 tracks, but haven’t been successful in getting them to start at the exact same time. Furthermore, how can I ensure the tracks play at the correct BPM? If all this can be done, then the next challenge would be to seamlessly transition into the next track… use scenes to create gains and fades? Can someone please help? Thanks in advance.

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With a new project, if you place a trig on T1, step 1, and a trig on T2, step 1, they’ll play at the exact same time. If your samples are not well prepared, it won’t work.
If you want to modify start precisely in OT, use Audio Editor Trim.

You can set the original BPM in Audio Editor Attributes

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Yes I’ve been doing exactly that. However, the only way I can get them to continue playing and not loop 16, 32, 48, or 64 steps is to VERY quickly disengage the triggers on step 1 on both tracks then turn off the step record before it reaches the end of the cycle. Haven’t figured out a workaround. This is despite turning off LOOP under the Playback page. Also… it appears most effects don’t work with just two 16 bit long static tracks which entirely defeats my doing this and renders the OT useless for playing with scenes and using it DJ style for full tracks as opposed to as a traditional sampler. Am I wrong? :-/

No very convenient. :slight_smile:
I guess you don’t know One Shot trigs or FIRST TRig Condition ?
They trigger the sample just once. :wink:
I’d use FIRST TRC.

Fx work with Static, Flex, or any machine, 16 or 24 bit. User error.


You can also play your samples when you want with [TRACK + PLAY]. Same as pressing trigs 9-16 in Track Mode (Grid Recording off).
It can be quantized with Attributes > Quantized trig. (EX : With 16 it will be triggered at the beginning of next bar)

Atch uses it here apparently.


Got it. Thanks for your help! I figured it out. I had watched way too many tutorials over the last 2 weeks and read Merlin’s guide, but didn’t have enough hands-on practice with the OT. It’s like learning a language - you can focus on the rules and grammar then freeze up when it’s time to speak! :sweat: