Help! OTmk2 vs DT for pairing with MPC X

Pitch shift on Dt is 24 semitones up or down, (can’t adjust the rate though), Ot is 12 semitones up or down but you also have rate adjustment.

Lmaof with your final comment🤣 elektronauts for the win👍🏼

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I use the MPC is more as a music production hub than a happy accident machine like the elektrons. It effectively replaced my computer for all my production needs. But it is a bit more linear and traditional in it’s workflow. That’s not a bad thing, but when paired up to the crazy elektron machines things get really interesting!

To answer a few questions, the MPC X is a dream. You have buttons and knobs for almost everything so you don’t rely on the touchscreen much (that’s why I sold my Live), and when you do need the screen, it’s bigger than the Live so my chubby fingers can actually use the screen piano roll :sweat_smile:.
The slicing is on par with the Ot, but the looper (at least as of now) is not well integrated with the workflow, especially when live performing, so it is nothing at all like what you can do on the OT. They keep (slooowly) updating it, so every other month or so you get free new functions that in some cases have completely reinvented it’s use for me. Now with the MPC One there is hope for even further development, so it’s a very exciting time to be an MPC owner!

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Thank you for this and all your other inputs! I hadn’t considered that at all! Also, I completely agree that the MPC workflow and Elektron workflow compliment each other extremely well. That makes for an even stronger argument for the OT+X combo. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m pretty sure I would miss the Dt too, but I guess having the Ot, wouldn’t “need” it as much. I think you gave me my answer👍🏼

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: agree 100%, you can never have too many samplers or synths. I do have a spare kidney I could sell I guess

I will definitely dig deeper into them. They just don’t sound as good “out of the box” as with the DT or the X, but I’m hoping they shine more when you start tweaking and lfo’ing them to hell :sweat_smile::+1:t3:

Yes the dark reverb on default settings for example sounds a bit naff, but once you dial out the low end and get the pre-delay and shelving right it can sound very nice indeed.

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Forgetting features for the moment. It sounds like you would ideally keep both if you didn’t need some quick cash, right? So can I assume you’ll buy the same unit again when your finances are more stable? In that case, which one would be harder to replace down the road? If DT gets you enough money to survive the current problem, sell that because it’s easier to save up and buy again at a later date. If you need a heftier chunk of change right now, sell the OT but realise it’ll be harder to save up and replace later on.

(Side point. I got some pseudo looping ability out of the DT though not so live or instantaneous as the OT. But essentially, set up how many steps you need on a track, use threshold recording to start the loop, Save and assign it to the track, then place a trig where the first note of the loop should be. Doesn’t matter if you record too long as the trig will restart it each time the loop comes back around again).

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Yes the new OS update is just a few days away and the midi issues have been finally addressed.


Thanks to everyone who chipped in, I really love this community and you guys are truly awesome. All your points of view helped me very much, as I was really going nuts over here all by myself and it was nice to hear the thoughts of fellow music gear junkies. I’m gonna try to tough it out as long as I can in hopes of not having to let go of either, but decided that if I absolutely have to sell something, the OT is not going anywhere.
Thanks again, stay safe!


Good news !

I get you! This is actually the main reason I mostly use tuned sample chains cut into slices on the OT. That way I can have two octaves of any not in the sample chain, or play other games with the slices using the performance crossfader.

On the topic of the crossfader, I would miss all the stuff you can do with it if I switched from the OT to an MPC-X. It’s interesting that Akai put all that real estate into the interface but didn’t add a crossfader. :man_shrugging:

But if you want a DAW in a box, I suppose an MPC-X is the frontrunner, especially when you can record to your SD and not worry about running out of RAM. I also like the dedicated synth engines, rather than having to rely strictly on samples.

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Mpc X with a cross fader would be awesome🤣 however, I suppose you can’t have everything in just one box and honestly I’m not sure it’s something I’d want either. I used ableton for a long while and you literally have everything in it, but to me it ended up sucking away from the music making experience. Personally I like that both machines have their own philosophies, quirks and limitations. It makes things more challenging and really fun. I know we tend to compare OT vs Mpc, but using both together is extremely cool!

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This was veeery good advice. And something that I’ll keep in mind in the future.
Pd: thanks for the looping tip on the digitakt! Loved it!

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Glad I could help :blush:

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