Help! OTmk2 vs DT for pairing with MPC X

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well and being safe, these are strange times. Thing is, I have to sell some gear cause times are hard and I decided to keep my MPC X and pick one elektron box, the Octatrack or Digitakt. For context I also own sp404sx and Op-1 so I really do have way too many samplers. The MPC X is my main hub controlling everything, my op-1 is my desert island kit, sp404sx is my effects and live performance machine (but if push comes to shove, the sp will be the next one on ebay)
I absolutely love both the Ot and the Dt, but I can’t keep then both, or at least I think they are the most overlapping of my machines.
Which one would you keep?

Main pros of the Dt (for me)
Sound quality
Broader pitch shifting range
Filter, delay, and reverb are gorgeous
Immediate and focused
Styling and form factor

Main cons
No looper (i loop guitar/piano/ vocals live)
No slicing (though I have the MPc for that)
1 lfo
No fader, Song mode or scenes

Main pros (for my setup) of OT
Live audio mangling
Extremely deep and always finding some new way to use it
Loove slicing on this
Streaming long audio from the compact flash drive

Main cons
I really don’t like the effects
Limited pitch shifting compared to Dt
No “control all” like the DT


Box one of them and shelve it. If after 6 months you havent thought about getting it back out the box, get rid of it.
If you cant last a week without it, thats the one to keep, ditch the other one.

Or flip a coin for it. :wink:

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Next to the OP-1, MPC X and SP404, what do you NEED most?

Seems like your SP404 covers your FX needs (as does the MPC X of course).

The MPC X has a looper albeit a super rudimentary one compared to what you can do with the OT. Seems like looping is an essential feature in your case.

Tough question. I find the most overlap between the DT and the SP404, that‘s just me though.

You‘ll get more money for the OT, personally I‘d keep it though, more power under the hood.


which one do you feel more comfortable using?


Would love to do that but I need the money like, yesterday😅

If the digitakt had the looper I would definitly keep the digitakt over the Ot to be honest.
It’s basically sound (Dt) vs posibilites (ot) I guess, that’s what makes it hard, I really like them both

I’m a million times faster on the digitakt, but that is mostly because I’ve had it much longer than the OT and it’s simpler I suppose. I love using both really, but it takes me longer to “get there” with the Ot (for now).

Well if its quick money you want list them both, sell the first one that sells keep the second.
Or keep them both and think of another way to get cash.
Or sell them both.
Forums wont help…


I get all sweaty thinking about not having my OT. It’s a one of a kind instrument that nothing can replace in the same way. DT not so much. But this is “my” opinion. You can use the cue outputs for external fx as well.

This is a personal decision on what moves you the most. You probably already know which one but you’re letting outside factors affect you. Just go with your first instinct :slight_smile:

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Ironically that’s what I did and I have good offers on both lol, and that only makes my decision harder…
Respectfully disagree about forums not helping on this. Many times on forums there are people who already went through a similar predicament and sharing their decision making process helps alot (at least for me). Thanks for replying!

Thanks for your input, you are right about being able to use external effects through the cue outs to not depend so much on the internal fx, that is a great point in favor of the Ot. :+1:t3:

Ok what do like most about Elektrons? The sequencing or the sampling?


The OT is great for performance, I see it as a live performance instrument and mixer. The DT sounds better and the fx are better. Midi sequencing the OT has the edge by a mile. You get more lfos, an arpeggio. retrigger and the ability to play cords. The DTs midi sequencer is more basic but it’s still great. This should be a consideration especially now that the MPC is going to get a firmware update where you take advantage of the multi timbral ability of the MPC and sequence it with an Elektron.


What do you mean by this? I thought OT had pitch transpose while DT was locked unless you also wanted to adjust tempo.

Edit: obviously keep both and sell the MPC X.

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I’ve never owned an MPC. Nearly pulled the trigger on an X but went With an OT and DT instead. Eventually sold the DT and occasionally regret it.
My real question is how much do you love the MPCX? Seems amazing from the outside. If it’s your hub and you know it well, you don’t technically ‘need’ the DT or the OT, right? Thought you could live loop into the X? Thought it slices as good or better than anything? Seems like a pretty complete system, doesn’t it?
All that say if you can only keep one, I’d say OT :slight_smile:

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I have the MPC Live and I think it makes sense to have both a MPC and Elektron sequencer. They compliment each other well. I have a OT and MPC. I actually sold my DT when I got the MPC. I do miss the DT as well but I didn’t find myself wanting to buy another one.


I have both too. I personally love the DT a little bit more. It’s super easy to get crazy things happening, sounds great and is a joy to plock. The fact you cant copy and paste several tries at the same time constantly reminds me of a few glaring shortcomings the OT has. The fact you dont have a dedicated filter really annoys me. Also the fact you cant plock a sample, adjusting its start/stop/loops while viewing the waveform is another big announce. Also having to name projects right when you start them is really silly. Dont get me wrong I love them both, but if it came down to it, the Ot would go. Question is, can you really ever have too many samplers?


Is it a sure thing that MPCs will soon get multi timbrality ?

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Dig in more with the OT fx, they are not as instant gratification as DT but can sound very good indeed once you get to know them, the filter, dark reverb, comb filter, eqs, compressor, delay are IMHO the best of the bunch.

Thing with the OT is its comflexibility make it what it is, more than a sampler, an audio workhorse.

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14 May, yes.

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