Help! Sequencer starting 1/16 late

May be is something stupid but I’m in a hurry and I need to solve this as soon as possible.

If I press stop twice before starting my sequencer the position indicator stays in 4:4:4 instead of 1:1:1.

Then when I press start the sequencer data starts 1/16 early. position indicator and metro starts late.

The metronome always starts in 1:1:1 follows position indicator.

Steps Led get 1/16 shifted with position indicator and metronome.

So if I program a 1/4 figure on a track, you can clearly listen that the synth plays 1/16 before the metronome.

Any idea?

If I don´t press stop twice all works as expected.

The problem is that working as slave the 1/16 shift is always present.
Works fine as slave, metronome gets shifted.


i was having a similar issue. i have a 64 step sequence, with a trig on the first note of every page. when i hit play, the first note does not play, but once the pattern repeats, that note does play.


did you check micro shifting for that note?

I think that when the first step note is shifted back it only plays at the pattern´s very end.

In my case all notes are %100 on grid so this is note the case.

Also if I press STOP just once then PLAY, all works just fine.

Is just when I press STOP twice then PLAY when the metro and the position indicator gets out of synch.

Thanks anyway!

sounds like a similar problem to this video I posted

no trigs so there wasn’t any shifting :slight_smile:

excuse the one-handed video craziness but the sound gets the point across

OT master, A4 slave, AR slave…AR out of sync everything else fine

P.S. I have since moved the AR to slave off the A4 and A4 still slaves off OT…that seems to have resolved it for me.


AR is sync to AF Clock (using AF MIDI OUT), or
AR is sync to OT Clock (using AF MIDI THRU).


sorry, I should been more clear

when I made the video, the OT was the master clock and midi out from OT to A4 in and AR in

The only thing I really changed in the chain was I went midi thru from the A4 to the AR instead of OT midi out to AR