Help with Chain mode please (AK)

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as per the manual:

CHAIN mode is ideal when improvising live. When CHAIN mode is deactivated and only the cur-rently active pattern is looping, create a chain and then activate CHAIN mode. At any time, exit CHAIN mode to loop one pattern only. Add and remove patterns to create a completely new chain and activate CHAIN mode again. By creating new chains through pressing [FUNCTION] + [CHAIN MODE], improvised songs can quickly be created

My problem is that each time I finish setting up the chain and release the last button, it enters Chain mode automatically. From what I understand here, is that it shouldn’t until I activate it manually. Any thoughts? Thanks!

You don’t have to have chain mode activated in order to edit a chain.
Wait so after you edit your chain and pressing ‘no’ to exit the editing menu the light that indicates chain mode is lighting up and chain mode is active?

I don’t know what editing menu you’re referring to but here’s what I do:

I have a pattern running, chain mode and song mode are off
I select a pattern as usual by hitting bank select and the corresponding trig, and hold that trig while selecting the next few patterns in the chain
I release the trig when done
Chain mode activates automatically

So this part:

doesn’t work the way I read it, I expected chain mode to remain inactive until I activate it. So I need to deactivate chain mode immediately if I don’t want to change patterns right away. With short patterns and/or high BPM it can be hit and miss. It’s not a huge deal but it’s quirky. That Chain Mode button is a cool thing for live performance because we can jump in and out of the chain whenever it feels good, and that’s sometimes preferable to changing patterns manually (it’s a 1-button action) but I’d rather not have to worry about getting the timing right to switch it off when finished editing… still a bit better than on my OctraTrack and Digitone though

If you create a chain in the edit menu [FUNCTION+SONG] and inserting patterns it shouldn’t automatically activate your chain when you leave that menu.
Is this what’s happening?

No I don’t use song mode and do not intend to, I want the immediacy of chains for live performance. I do exactly what the manual says:

To create chains in quick mode, press and hold [BANK X/X] and then press the [TRIG] key for the pattern you want the chain to start with. As long as you keep the first [TRIG] key pressed, subsequent [TRIG] keys pressed will add patterns to the chain. In quick mode, it is only possible to chain patterns from the same bank

Then it is normal (and desirable imho) for the chain mode to activate - that’s how and why I’d use it - whether the manual is ambiguous boils down to semantics - I think this is intentional behaviour and therefore unlikely to change - if you are canny with when you create a chain you should be able to exit that mode too without it changing patterns - either way, sounds normal to me if I follow what’s been said

Yep, AFAIK that´s how it works. When you chain patterns with [Bank] + [Trig] keys, you activate the chain.

Oh I didn’t suggest it was a bug, I just expected it to do exactly what the manual said, I could have made a mistake somewhere.

in any case it does exactly as the manual states - it’s quite clear that it’s using the quick chain mode which is distinct from the other - I didn’t mention bugs either !

Our readings differ. Never mind.

I too was confused by the manual. The Chain Mode Tip in the manual says

“When CHAIN mode is deactivated and only the currently active pattern is looping, create a chain and then activate CHAIN mode”

It doesn’t say, “when in song mode and the scratch pad song row is selected, create a chain and then activate CHAIN mode”

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nonetheless, quick chain mode is separately explained clearly and concisely, because it’s ‘quick’ (and is clearly distinct from the detailed mode requiring all the other text)

perhaps @eangman can reflect on your thoughts, but it made sense to me and quick mode was indeed as it describes

When a manual says “do this and this…then execute this action” one can be legitimately puzzled when that action is in fact automatically executed and no user action is required nor even possible. We are often prompted to RTFM when learning a new device and so I did. That’s all. No worries, no time wasting debates… all is fine.

Hi ! I’m sorry but can you help ? I cannot add a row in chain/song modes :roll_eyes: