Help with Left Input on Digitakt Issue

Got a Digitone to pair with my Digitakt - was all
psyched until I plugged in output/input cables and found that the left input on my Digitakt is almost (but not quite) silent.

Checked the levels on the Digitakt mixer - both
input L and R were turned up. Right sounds great. Set monitor to let me hear L and R - only getting R, through both ears. Tried plugging a Microfreak into the Digitakt’s Left input, same volume issue - could only hear faintly if I turned volume on both devices almost all the way up. Digitone Left output sounded fine through headphones - normal volume in left ear only.

Is there something I’m missing or do I need a repair?

Is the pan centered on both left and right input?

Also just check in the ‘external mixer’ page (far right button under encoders, shift) that the slidey button visible on the screen is set to whichever way it needs to be. Only 2 settings so try both. I had a similar issue and thought I should just be hearing sound from my external synth in L ear alone, then flicked that across in ext mixer page and bam, sound in both ears.
Happy to explain better later if these amazing instructions are unclear

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this worked - thanks!

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I’m frankly gobsmacked you made sense of that, so double congratulations @hellshaq. You win an octatrack