Help with midi pattern change settings Digitakt and Digitone

Quite new to all this gear but getting into it now, however im having problems with changing patterns, Digitakt is master and digitone is slave, tempo, playback etc all work fine but when i change patterns on the take it doesn’t change on the tone, my midi channel settings are auto channel 16 on both units, which allows me to play the key step, prog change out on the takt 10, prog change in on the tone 10, prog change out on the tone 10, prog change in takt is 10.



Have you enabled Program Change send on the Takt and Program Change receive on the Tone on the Sync page in the MIDI Settings?


Programme change wasn’t enabled on the digitone, all sorted now thanks!

Another question though, why when working in a project do i find myself having to remap the midi on the takt to the tracks of the tone, also find myself sometimes have to set the values in the internal mixer on the takt so i can hear the tone, despite having done it already, is there a way too save it so I don’t need to keep doing it?

Thanks a bunch!


You can make a template pattern and/or a template project (for global Midi Config settings).

Roger that, save as, :beers: cheers