Help with next musical endeavour

It’s been a while since I last posted…following a purge of most of my gear last year (OT/AR/Tempest). Long story short…I was overwhelmed with what I wanted out of pushing buttons, from the vantage point of being a relatively new parent (kids 5 and 3) who had very little time to commit to making music. Each day though since the purge, I continue to bounce in and out of the forum…remaining, albeit silently and from afar, part of this really cool community.

I’d like your help today though. I’m on the precipice of coming back into the fray, and am contemplating a realistic goal that I can be successful at achieving. The strongest voice inside me is telling me to get the Digitakt and 0-Coast. As I contemplate this more deeply, I’m starting to get concerned that I’m doing the same thing I did last time, and putting too much learning on my plate…such that I’ll end up getting overwhelmed and frustrated. Would you suggest that I just stick with the Digitakt…learn it inside out (within reason, of course), and then, when I’m ready, think about adding something else? Or…is the Digitakt/0-Coast combo not too overwhelming of project to take on, as a beginner?

Anyway, any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Haven’t tried the 0-coast, but it seems simple enough. The DT is not really that complicated to get going with though, so I wouldn’t worry about it becoming too much.

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My Tip as a father… start with a Novation Circuit! The Kids will Love that too! And once you Masters that, continue with 0Coast and Digitakt.

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My friend does the same

The Digitakt is plenty fun on its own to get started with. I would recommend getting a decent synth app on your phone if you want something to sample sounds from as well.

You can always add more gear like the 0-coast later.


I’m about to buy an Op-1, due to some of the reasons mentioned in the original post.

I just don’t have the time or energy to utilise a more complex setup. I also have an MPC Live, because I can use it in isolation, to make complete productions & The Op-1 has the right balance of functionality and creative limitations.

Just to add, I do have a few multi effects units but all my tracks are made on self contained gear.

As so often … it depends … :wink:

To get a rhythmical unit together with a flexible sound creation unit seems to be a good idea to me. The Digitak also controls MIDI, which provides a hardware sequencer for external units … also good idea.

IMO the 0-Coast gives us the typical Make Noise character, which tends to be more west-coast rather then east-cost. I love this, but I wouldn’t use it for everyday productions or as the only unit in the studio.

I would go Digitak and Novation Peak, combined with some recording software, iPad, or porta-studio to have multitrack recording capabilities too.

What is your urgency to buy two things? Why not buy one thing, try it, and then see whether you need to buy another thing?


Really appreciate all the varied feedback. It has provided me with some additional things to consider, as well as some comfort that there’s value in listening to my gut. I think I’ll stick with a Digitakt for now…and see where it takes me.

Thanks again everybody.


I agree with the notion of just getting music apps to feed into the Digitakt.

The mileage you can get out of just a phone/iPad and a Digitakt is UNREAL- and you can use the Digitakt to squeeze the sample fodder out of the iDevice

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The nice thing about doing sampling from synth apps on an iPhone in a Digitakt-only setup is that you can play around with sound design during the day when you have a few minutes to spare.