Help with Program Changes from MC-707

Is anyone using an MC-707 with the Model Cycles? Have you had any success sending/receiving PCMs?

I’ve been trying to send PCMs from the 707 to MC. I’m sending them on MIDI Ch 5 (set the MC up to receive on that channel). They are definitely being received by MC, but no matter which PCM is sent the MC changes the pattern to Bank 5, Pattern 1. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

Edit: Figured it out, I had it chained from the TD-3 Midi Thru so seems like some PCM messages were getting changed along the way!


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hey alex! funny coincidence i guess but just found your post on mc with mc-707 and i’m doin just that here, could you describe the steps you took to get the cycles to change any program at all with a pcm message from mc-707? i’m trying but can’t really wrap my head around it just yet

(i have the volca drum changing patterns with the control change on channel 16 from 707 like you explained in your other post, but same doesn’t seem to do it for cycles)

EDIT: just got it, i was missing the pcm ON in sync menu, and that in combination with the control change on channel 16 from 707 does the job for me, thanks again :smiley:

Glad you figured it out :slight_smile: