HELP with sampling problem!?

Please please please help. I have a demo to show off my Octatrack in a very short time, but I am having problems with sampling. It seems whenever i manually sample audio, it plays back with pitch problems. The pitch of the sample drifts - almost like there’s a lfo modulating the pitch. Please help! What could it be?!!??

Its weird. if i start an empty project, the problem goes away. if i use one of my starter template projects, the problem is there. so what configuration or setting could be causing this? why would this even be a feature???

Sorry weird. more info.

the pitch only drifts when playing back from the recorder buffer. once assigned to a free flex, it plays perfectly fine. what the!?!??!?

It was an LFO. doh! Sorry to waste your time. Nothing to see here.

Its fun to read someones thought process ( :

happened to me a LOT LOT LOT … pressing LFO+CLEAR (with the other parameters) is necessary EVEN after loading a new (flex)machine … contrary to all expectations that was to me :frowning: