Help with Sequence Retrig/Playback

Recently picked up an Analog Keys after having a Rytm for a few months, and running into a strange user error scenario (first post!).

I recorded a sequence with my first patch I made through overbridge, and for some reason, I’m not hearing anything when playing it back. The LEDs are lighting up on the chords, but the notes aren’t sounding. If I randomly hit a chord mid sequence, it “jumpstarts” the sequence which starts playing on the next trig. If I hit stop and play again, same problem.

I’ve held down the trigs to look at the note menu to see if something weird is there, and I don’t see anything. Is there a setting that “starts” a sequence with note on rather than hitting play? It’s driving me nuts and have scoured the manual (though not sure even what to look for). It is set to all 4 voices on, could that be the issue? There are only two note chords at the start of each 16, but it sounds like the voices are being stolen by something else and the note on brings them back. It is a one track sequence on track1, but if I add another track with the lovely “init” patch and a bunch of random trigs, everything sounds as expected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Apparently the “LEN” parameter was set to 0 for all notes, even though I played the sequence in. I guess my follow up question would be

a) is there a translation between the decimal equivalents and note length (1/4, 1/16, etc.) in the note menu? it seems a lot of this machine is learned through “apprenticeship”, such as LFO sync values being multiples of 8 times a “multiplier” rather than showing the sync value in notes, filter keytrack 1:1 is the parameter at “32”, etc. which I’m just picking up through reading posts

b) is there a way to set a default note length when recording live? what’s odd is that this is a pad sound with a long release, so even a note length of 0 should still have some release (and doesn’t explain why a note on was kicking the sequence back in).