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First time poster, lurked around for a while. So I’m pretty new to Elektron gear - I bought a Digitakt a month ago after eyeing it up for about a year, absolutely love it but planning to build a setup with that and the Digitone. I want to incorporate pedals into my setup but not in a straight signal path so I can choose which pedals I have for each device I want. After diving into these forums, I saw someone suggest the Boredbrain Patchulator 8000 for this which seems perfect for what I want. I just wondered if I could get some advice on a couple of things;

  • I’ve attached a diagram (apologies for it being rough, certainly not a graphic designer!) - does this seem right for the signal path that I want?

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a mixer to send the audio path out to?

Thank you very much in advance for any advice you may have :slight_smile:


Although a nice idea you’re essentially monophying your Digitone and Digitakt since the patchulator is mono in mono out.

Have you considered getting a mixer with send / returns? That way you can quickly send the output of any instrument to a pedal and back into the mixer. Much easier, quicker and gives more flexibility. And you can keep your DT and DN stereo :wink:


I agree with @DaveMech, personally have a thing for mixers that also act as sound cards, it simplifies the setup IMO.

A patchbay is a good option if you frequently need to repatch your gear.


I haden’t considered that but that does make a lot more sense than the patchulator idea! Thank you :slight_smile: is there any particular mixer you recommend? I’m assuming that I’d need one with stereo inputs with an aux send/return, but I am pretty new to this side (guitarist mainly) so could well be wrong. Cheers!

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Really depends on the budget and if you want to buy a mixer you could add stuff to later-on. My jam is more with DJ mixers for live performance reasons. If you go that route the Xone:96 is a great option for you as it has stereo sends (plus you can use one or even two of the headphone cues as extra sends). Xone PX5 is nice as well (I have a few videos on my channel going into detail about these two)

For regular mixing desks on a budget I often have found that the trouble is that the auxiliaries are often mono as are most of the channels. I think Mackie has a few mixers with more stereo ins maybe, but I’m sure there are other members that can help better with finding the right mixing desk. :slight_smile:

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If your pedals are mono, a mixer with mono sends can do the trick. A cheap mixer can be ok, just pay attention it doesn’t add noise to your signal.

For the studio, I love the Qu series. But they are pretty expensive, and not the kind you bring in a live session (except the QuPac that is pretty cool for this)

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Thank you Dave, really appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ll check out the videos later on - I saw you have Digitakt tutorials so I’ve subscribed as I think I’ll find them really handy. I checked out the Xone’s and they’re a bit out of my budget but I do appreciate the suggestion. All the best!

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Hi! My pedals are mono but I am thinking of using my Source Audio Collider further down the line as it has stereo input/output and would be ace texturally, however I think mono would probably be okay for that one! I checked out the Qu series, they look ace but I think I’ll only need 3 or 4 stereo inputs and I think I wouldn’t use it to it’s full potential but I do appreciate the suggestion. The idea for my setup is basically to just put the DT, DN, Lemondrop, Keystep (or smaller MIDI keyboard if I can find one), a few pedals and a mixer onto a board so I can make music either at my desk, on the sofa etc. Looks like I have a lot of research to do into mixers but I’m grateful that you and DaveMech have given me a starting point for what I need. I did look at the Keith McMillen K-Mix for a mixer but not too sure on the send/return capabilities of it at the moment but something to think about and look at. Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:


Fwiw, the newer versions of Patchulator are stereo. They have TRS jacks now.

Currently using it in a stereo setup in conjunction with a mixer.

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