Help with sound design: Nils Frahm "Sunson" sound

Hey guys!

I’ve been on another one of my Nils Frahm obsession phases, and in particular I’ve been obsessing over the bass/percussive sound on Sunson (it starts at about 1:50 into the song).
I’m wondering if it is possible to get something close to that on the Digitone, but I have 0 sound design skills… any tips on how to build a sound like this?


Sounds like a square “hollow” type sound with varying feedback, PWMish, varying LPF, and varying amp envelope times.

This 303 tutorial should get you fairly close to the basic timbre, then adjust envelope, feedback and filtering.


Slightly off topic but he is selling some of his gear on sound gas

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Nice, I’m watching it now!

It worked! I could get fairly close to what I was looking for after watching this, thanks a lot! :fist_right: :fist_left:


You are welcome, not my video BTW just knew it would get you in the ballpark :+1: