Help with Upgrading the Firmware

Hi there, this is my first post. I want to upgrade an Machinedrum Mk2 to the new unofficial firmware X05. I have an Mac (running 11.6), and downloaded Transfer by Elektron. I have connected the Machinedrum with an USB Midi Interface which I have selected in Transfer (the Interface I mean). But transfer does not connect to the Machinedrum which is in boot venue - >“Midi Upgrade”, displaying “ready to receive midi upgrade”. Nothing. Can anyone help?


I’m pretty sure Transfer won’t work. You need to use C6 or something similar.

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Sysex librarian did the trick! Thank you!

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Is this firmware update still possible/available? The link does not work anymore, and I cannot find it on this forum.

Just go to the Machinedrum topic, and it’s like the 5th thread from the top.

Thank you, I feel stupid, but I did miss how the topics work on this forum…

About the USB to MIDI interface that is needed for this: is this simply a usb to midi cable, like here or do I need some sort of hardware in between? (I am completely new to using MIDI, so I just want to be sure I am not buying the wrong thing).

I was thinking the same thing. Is a Behringer UMC204, a Presonus Audiobox or an Arturia Minifuse able to transmit a Sysex upgrade?