Here are my records

I posted last year about these tracks I recorded in the early 90’s being released on vinyl, a couple of people were interested in hearing them, finally they have been pressed and are available.

LP on Childhood Intelligence:

[Stream Interlect 3000 - The Return Of Intelligence - Childhood Fifteen by Childhood intelligence | Listen online for free on SoundCloud](https://Soundcloud demo)

EP on Revoke:
Aqueous | Interlect 3000 | Revoke

I think both are limited edition, single press AFAIK.


Edit: Don’t worry, found some on Bandcamp.


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Really good stuff. The sounds and tracks remind me of Metatone Records. My era of techno.

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Funny enough nearly signed to them back in the day, Damon was really interested, I can’t remember why it never panned out though. Also had interest from Novamute and Warp, but it was a bunch of unfortunate events that put paid to those.

Still, better late than never, only took 20 odd years :rofl:


Back to my original/unedited question. Can I buy a copy of the EP directly from you?

Just tried to order from Bandcamp, but it then told me that PayPal payments aren’t accepted.

Sure, I will be able to sort that. You want the Revoke one?

Yes, the Revoke one.

Can’t afford both at the moment.

Let me know payment/PayPal details and I’ll transfer in the morning. Literally in bed now, eyelids getting heavy.

Thank you!

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I will get back to you this evening, still waiting for the records to arrive here, they are scheduled for today. :+1:

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Good stuff. Thanks

Dead link for me !

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same :point_up_2:

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The forum seems to mess up the link, it should work on the one below now:



(Stream Revoke | Listen to Interlect 3000 - Aqueous Ep playlist online for free on SoundCloud)



Sorry Scott, the records did not arrive today, they should be here tomorrow, I will let you know tomorrow evening.

No worries.

Thanks for the update.

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