Here we go...Analog Keys error when saving patches (solved)

I’m sure this is user error as I am new to this synth and new to Elektron in general (bought an octatrack earlier this year and love it now that I get it) but when i save patches/sounds by holding yes/save and pressing sound and try to save over any of the patches/sounds in bank A I get a message that just simply says “error” after selecting how i wish to categorize the patch/sound and choosing save. Any thoughts here? I’ve read about half the manual and skimmed through some other portions due to time constraints so i’m somewhat familiar and that makes me all the more confused as to why a simple functionality just isn’t clicking with me

Hi, maybe the patches / Sounds are Write Protected? Try to Save them in another Bank…


that’s what i was thinking though none of the patches seem to have locks on them (though i think that corresponds to if they are used on any tracks for sequence or not). unfortunately it only lets me save in Bank A under this project/kit. I’m wondering if i will have to abandon this patch and factory reset. I really like this patch and wanted my first 3 hours of work on the synth to be saved but I may have goofed up trying to jump in to complex patch editing before anything else

Try to hit the (e.g. second) sequencer key while in the saving process… this should change the bank…

Also look for the analog rytm mega save tutorial on YouTube or on this forum… the whole storage system on the elektron analogs is pretty complex, so maybe take a closer look at that in the manual… there are plenty of topics in the forum also…

thank you! sorry to crowd the forum with one of these. my initial search didnt provide the answer i was looking for

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Did you get the answers you were looking for, that’s the main thing? Welcome to the forum, btw :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I got answers I was looking for and those answers helped me to figure out how to save patches. I figured out that what i interpreted as an unlock symbol is the symbol for lock. This synth really forces you to approach programming in a different way than any other synth I’ve owned and especially any analog synths i’ve owned.

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Top tip: I found using AK much easier to understand in the beginning by using the Overbridge plugin that lays things out in a really easy way. Your mileage may vary but coming from a VST background, this really helped me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, I’m going to try overbridge and see if that expedites the learning process. I come from a hardware background but in the last three years have used my computer to program my mopho desktop and alpha juno and find it much easier to work on

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