Hi guys - OT as a DJ deck & other noob questions

Hi guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself, i’ve been a member of the Elektron-users forum, to my surprise it’s completely locked down :confused:

I used to own an OT & an MD SPS-1 until my appartement got burglarized in 2012. Long story short, the burglar was eventually caught & convicted & he’s supposed to pay me back, whenever that’s gonna happen…

The authorities, Elektron.se & Elektron-users forum know of my predicament & the serial numbers of the stolen equipment have been signed on an European scale. Still, i would kindly ask everyone to keep a look out for 2nd hand Elektron stuff that’s being sold from Antwerp/Brussels Belgium region.
It might be my stolen equipment.

Anyway, i couldn’t live without my Elektron gear & bought myself a brand-new OT. No regrets :slight_smile: Loving it more & more everyday…

I have some “noob-ish” questions though:

  1. Although i love the “re-trigger” parameter, whenever you touch the knob & set a value it invokes this kind of sample-manipulation. But after you touch the knob i haven’t been able to reset this parameter below value “1”
    My question is: how can i put the “re-trig” to value “0” after fiddling with the knobs?

  2. I’ve got an upcoming gig in Oktober & i’m trying to use the OT as a DJ deck. So far it’s working pretty good with some minor glitches.
    Setting the BPM of songs works so far, but isn’t fail-proof…
    For example: two songs on 128 BPM play in sync for the first few measures, but after a while they start to get out of sync :frowning: Am i doing something wrong? Which time-stretch setting should i assign to the static-machine? (auto, beat, … )
    Also this works pretty good if i set the master-BPM to the BPM of the used samples… but if i change it to … oh let’s say… 133 BPM, they get out of sync much easier.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

  1. As other forum members say… it’s adviceable to set & warp your songs with audio-software, get em to the right BPM & then manipulating them with the OT.

Is there any audio-software you could recommend for doing so?
(I’m using Audacity at the moment)

Kind regards,


  1. be sure your tracks actually are at the tempo you tell the OT.
    you could visually test this in any DAW, put the tracks next to each other and check how the peaks align. (for example, BD on BD?).
    i do not recommend playing tracks at any other tempo than their original rendering tempo (timestretch artifacts), unless you use something like this: http://hotoolz.tk

  2. yes and no. but i’d recommend ableton instead of audacity, much quicker, though not free…
    if you are loading big amounts of tracks into the OT, by all means prepare them in a DAW first. saves time.

  1. Save the part with retrig = 1, and then manipulate the parameter as much as you like. When you want it to return to 1, hit function + cue to reload the part.

Thanx a bunch for the info guys

About the re-trig parameter, i knew it would’ve been some button-combo i’ve overlooked, thanx

That Hotoolz.tk app sure sounds interesting, but i don’t own any Mac devices …

But i’ll give it a go