Hi-hat pushes everything else down


I’ve encountered a weird problem on my machinedrum.

I’m making a heavy acid-tekno track for the end of my set with my AR / MD / AH and Matrixbrute. Low mid and mid kick and verry distorted hi-hat like things come from my Matrixbrute. My AR is set to make verry distorted soundscapes together with AH on rough crunsh. I use my Machinedrum for the clean hi-hats / claps and some rave sounds.

Now the problem is that when i turn my hi-hat on my machinedrum on it pushes all other sounds away, including the sub kick. No matter what frequency, everything is pushed down. The hi-hat is really clean and eq’d to only keep the high frequency and push it a up a little bit.

Does anyone have a clue what this could be? Cause i tried changing every parameter on the hi-hat and nothing helps.

Thx in advance.

are you using a compressor anywhere in your signal chain?


Hey, not the comressor on my qu-16 either… Any other idea?
Really anoying cause it’s stopping me from playing and recording this track… It really needs the clean hat over all the distorted sounds.

Could it have something to do with the master dynamics of my machinedrum? I’m not super smart with those.
Any ideas would be really helpfull.

Did you check the compressor on the machinedrum itself?


Where exactly is that located again? Still learning :stuck_out_tongue:



Ohw yea… Turned the mix up from min to half way and it seems to be much better now. Thanks :slight_smile: