Hip-Hop Battle #19 voting and feedback


I’m just not up to trying to navigate soundcloud right now. I tried to make some space for this new playlist but all I managed to do was delete the Escape From New York Battle before I realized that it was just a playlist and those files were still hosted on people’s individual soundclouds. I really dislike that website.

So rather than wait until I feel like giving it another go, I decided to just put together a zip file. I’ve converted everyone’s beats to mp3 which also did away with all the metadata. So it’s still a blind thing.


Let me know if you have any trouble with the download.

As for the rules, you each get to vote for your 3 favorite beats. So that’s first place, second place, and third place. Your first place vote is worth 3 points. Your second place vote is worth 2 points. And your third place vote is worth 1. Whoever winds up with the most points at the end wins.

While you’re voting, you are encouraged to offer any thoughts on why you voted the way you did, as well as any thoughts on the beats that didn’t make your top 3. But if you just want to tell us your top 3 and leave it at that, that’s fine too.

I’m going to give everyone a week from tomorrow to vote. So the deadline is Wednesday, March 29th.

Good luck. And sorry again, about the playlist.

Update @BLKrbbt was kind enough to host this on their SoundCloud. So there is a playlist after all. Thanks @BLKrbbt!






Wow. What a tape. Gotta give these a few rinses each before voting. Too many that are too damn stout. All that shit talk and I can’t even put my beat in the top 10 with a clear conscience. First listen through standouts include 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, and 21. So many bangers. Sheesh. Will have to give em all one more rinse before final vote though. Well met folks.


It’s unfortunate with the recent shade soundcloud got from the events here, but appreciate your choice @Doug regarding the layout :beers: I’m with @Funk_Illuminati there are a lot of submissions gunning for top 3 and this is definitely going to be a challenge in itself to pick the winners. Going to be tough to decide with all of these juicy submissions. I’m actually surprised to hear people used the samples I uploaded haha that made me feel some butterflies, thanks!
(promise I won’t be biased in voting)

Lots of flavors to absorb here :man_cook:


I am assuming and hoping that voting for your own submission is a no-no, right?

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@error.eyes Maybe that should just be a no-no in principle :face_vomiting:

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Damn, 21 tracks! Great job guys!

Just started my first listening session…


I can’t vote because didn’t have time to participate and make something.
But I listen the whole playlist, it’s full of bangers. :fire:
Good luck to sort it out ^^


@Doug not a bad idea at all posting it that way I know Soundcloud is a bit of a pain when you get so many tracks.

I’ve downloaded it and looking forward to hearing them all when I get home :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks @Doug for putting the download together. Can’t wait to have a listen


Wow, a collection of bangers as usual. Gonna be tough to pick just 3…


Having a listen now, it’s different but in a good way :slightly_smiling_face:
Well done to everyone involved


Thanks to @Doug for sorting that out - for me, that’s much better than using Soundcloud. It’s taken me seconds to copy them onto my phone and I can listen to them on the go when I’ve got a couple of long commutes over the next few days. Cheers!


You are correct.


Soundcloud can be tempermental.

Sorry about my name in the track listing… no way to change that!

Great battle by the way!

Shout out to Doug for such a great concept!


Another bunch of :fire: tracks in this list

My votes are:
1# - Number 8 just really great, vibe mix choice of samples, loved the Zep solo cut up
2# - Number 11 - Some great chops. love the glitchiness of it all
3# - Number 20 - Simple and clean, but just a nice head nodding vibe almost DJ Shadow like

7 - Really great, but just not quite as on theme, nearly made it into the top 3
4 and 15 - HMs for being great and sampling the track I chose :heart_eyes:
19 - Really liked the guitar samples and overall feel


Some really good tracks here y’all. It’s gonna be difficult to cut the list down to three.


My votes:

#1 - Beat 8. Best bassline of the bunch, felt the beat immediately. Like the panning too.
#2 - Beat 16. Love the strange voice that reminds me of chucky. Great bassline. Very interesting turns and changes.
#3 - Beat 15. Bit slow to start, but this one gives me the most rock / hiphop feeling of them all.

HM: 12 for a quirky beat that made me feel happy and smile, too bad it didn’t last longer!