HMMM should I buy syntakt on sale? lol

I’ve been eyeing it… for a while.

I own rytm, DT, DN, OT and haven’t used any of them in a few months (edit: other than DT with a small euro rack setup)
Just a lot of moving around lately.

But it looks so cool and the price right now seems pretty great. I almost think I can get rid of my rytm if I get it?

The FX block looks really cool, I really wish rytm had that, but something tells me it never will because it will possibly prevent the ‘all analog signal path’ (which honestly I dont think I care about any more).

The FX block master distortion feels like it could be an end of chain effect even :o


It’s literally not going to do anything for your music if you already own some of the best devices on the market and don’t use them.


Have a date with your Elektron devices bro.

Turn the lights dim, light some patchouli incense and have a glass of wine. Ask the Elektron if it wants wine, decline even if it says yes because it’s allergic to liquid.

Caress the crossfader, clack its buttons, adore the color of its display… renew the love.


I knowwwwww, i’ve staved off GAS for literally a year. it’s the longest i’ve gone since I first picked up digitakt a few years back and bought a piece of gear eveery few months since :frowning: :frowning:

I’ll do as you said, need to setup the family and see if they still get along with eachother!! :smiley:

Thanks for staving off GAS for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s easy to forget Elektron is kind of the “Apple” of this world in its robustness and cleanliness of design, as well as ecosystem functionality.

Very nice, clean and streamlined, but after 3 months you start tossing the $1,000 phone across the room to your bed after babying it for months.



The RYTM has a master FX block with compression and distortion. Sounds like you need to dig into your existing instruments a little more.

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Replace them by a Syntakt. :pl:

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Dont buy new stuff.
It won’t make you more happy (or not, depends) than you are right now.
It will give you a very short kick, and after the honeymoon phase you have another thing standing around for months.


It has master fx yea but the way fx block is implemented feels a lot nicer imo

I’ll never sell DT but the others I’m tempted to replace

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