*hold* in slots mode?

hi, is there a way to use slots mode but have sample (slot)s only play as long as the trig button is pressed? cheers

Have you changed the envelope settings for the sample? So there’s no release.

I’ve not tried this but that should work, obviously it then means you’ll have to remember for any sequencing of the sample later.

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Ok just checked.

In slots mode simply press hot button 2 under the screen to get to amp page and turn down release, good news is it’s not affecting normal sequencer envelope settings.

Basically you have new env settings along with other edits available in slots mode that do not affect the normal tracks mode when you leave slots mode, hope that helps.


yes, that’s cool, thanks! it does affect the track regardless of mode, but as long as i have a spare track that doesn’t matter. changing tracks in slots mode would also allow for switching envelopes, so that’s cool as well…

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