"Hold"ing a trig, to add a 4 note chord from a MIDI controller?

I’ve hooked up a MIDI controller to my Digitone which is really nice… but I was wondering if it’s possible to “hold” a trig somehow to set e.g. a 4 note chord which requires two hands on a single step? Right now I have to hold the trig with one hand, so can only play in a one handed chord. Not the end of the world but would be cool!

That’s just how it works… maybe you could try to play your chord in live recording mode as a workaround. And copy and paste the trig to another trig if necessary…

Yep, that’ll do the trick and is what I’d been planning to do :slight_smile: Thanks!

In a few other threads here on the forum people were even experimenting with little magnets and weights to hold down the trig key(s)… maybe also worth a try

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Haha! Ah I’m not that worried :wink: Thanks though!

out of curiosity i hooked up my sustain pedal to my midi controller and played some notes while holding a trig.
so now i can play lots of notes, over a wider span than my hand can reach, one by one, and these get recorded onto the trig.
for some reason it doesn´t sustain my notes while holding the trig?
also, maybe not the solution you where looking for. :slight_smile:

Ah interesting! I actually have a sustain pedal that I’ve never plugged in lol, going to try that! Thanks :slight_smile: