Holy F, the RYTM w/ Obridge just blew my mind again

I have been loving this box so much and using it on all my tracks. Forgive me if this is super obvious, but I had to share. I basically build my house tracks on the RYTM like one would do it on an MPC. Stab samples, drums are all done on the RYTM. My logic is if it is grooving from that, then I have 70% of a track and I can print it down to audio and add from there.

So the whole time I have it connected via USB to OB in Ableton. And I record my pattern in to get an idea of what I want to do and then I build a skeleton out. This is usually made of 8 bar patterns or so just so I can arrange and then modulate over the course of the track for drops and build ups.

Im modulating this stab and I like to tweak it for the whole track. Its fun and it makes the song breathe so much better if I just go with what im feeling and work different parameters for builds…etc.

Anyway, I get the audio printed and modulated and I’m good. On to the next thing. But while Im working on something else, I see the RYTM - the filter is moving, the damn thing recorded every knob movement I did into abelton and is controlling it! I already bounced to audio and the input is muted, but my god, this is such an insane integration. I can LFO my parts in the RYTM and then take it further and modulate the same parts over the course of a whole song and the OB app stores all of it. It has like 12 parameter movements stored already and I did not even notice.

Again this is probably obvious to some but it blew me away how tight this integration is. I was thinking my hardware modulation takes were one and done, but now I can go back and change them if needed just like a soft synth. This also means for me that I can make some strong loops on the RYTM, use the LFO on different stuff like I do but then bring into the DAW and make it evolve over the course of an tire track. We are limited on LFOs but we have our hands and the fact that ableton automaps the CCs and records it without even asking you.

Unreal, that is all.


that’s awesome, haven’t explored this feature yet myself. so how exactly do you get this going - make sure the Ableton track where the OB plugin lives is armed, then when you hit record all the knob movements will be stored as automation inside a midi clip? there’s potential for tons of extra LFOs here as well via m4l devices.


Yes that should do it. Except i did not even arm the ob track, i just armed the track of the pad i wanted to record. It was so easy that i didnt realize it was happening until i saw the filter moving on the rytm. Hopefully it will be this simple for you. Let us know!

And yes, we should be able to lfo anything we want in ableton as well. That could be incredibly powerful.

Well it seems the OB hard-software integration promise works for you :smile:

Though recording automation should not be an automatic thing. I can see many scenario s where it s not wanted unless explicitely set.

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:open_mouth: i still aint use obridge befor n i been gettin annoyed in using the computer to record. eg record audio loops then that tweakin id do while jammin the groove firstly isnt there … maybe this is the solution :open_mouth:

Hey you are right, and I left out one detail, but Ableton users will know this one anyway.

There is a button you engage near the transport that enables automation record. So yes you can turn it off.

The main thing though is that you don’t have to do anything in OB itself. All the knobs are mapped, its basically plug and play. For example when I modulate my soft synths, I have to figure out what knobs I want to work, map them to a controller …etc. Its not a big deal but it takes some time. This is basically mindless and super easty.

But yes, you can easily disable automation recording in ableton.

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It’s this yellow button in Ableton Live.

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