Hoover sound on Digitone

And I do not mean the vacuum cleaner :smiley:

How to create it? Do you have a good patch? Is there a stock preset that sounds close enough?

The original:

A little bit tamer but a nice hoover:


Good tips here. Analog Four but same principle.
Challenge: anybody managed a half decent hoover?

Made this one for fun, absolutely not my style. :pl:


I’m pretty sure there’s a PWM preset on the Digitone. It shouldn’t be too much trouble to get it hoovering with a bit of portamento or pitch mod and a bit of unison. Might work to put two tracks on the same midi channel and have one as the PWM preset with portamento and unison and the other with a saw type sound with a bit of pitch and filter mod and play them with an external keyboard so you get that big, multiple waveform sound.

The closer I can get after half an hour.

I use hoover samples in almost every tracks, never though of trying to do that an an FM synth.
Thanks for the challenge!

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Quite nice! Would you mind sharing what you did here?

Detune, Unison, and pitch LFOs :slight_smile:

Track 1 : low
Track 2 : sub
Track 3 : hi

Unison for track 1 and 3

LFOs for every tracks
lfo 1
lfo 2

@Pinkbox, nice patch, but isn’t missing a rising pitch at the beginning? (seems to be falling only).

Set LFO 2 on LFO 1 Depth :slight_smile:

lfo 2 bis


That’s more like it

You need the pitch mod with something like

s:0 (though you can change that to let it drop down to a different not than it starts on)

based on 100. I tried using the ramp up and fading the other lfo in (corrected) , but never got close enough to what I can do with other bits. I’m sure it could be done in the FM section somehow. I think you

still so funny to me that people call vacuums “hoovers.” that was name of my high school, because it was right down the street from The Hoover Company. :rofl: