How are the MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS settings used for the A-H tracks?


I am trying to make sense of the MIDI channel settings on my Digitakt.

Quote from the manual regarding the A-H track options in SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS:

TRACK A–H selects the dedicated MIDI channel that is used to receive or send (by turning the knobs)
parameter data to or from a specific MIDI track. If configured as OFF, parameter data are neither
received nor sent via MIDI.

However, it seems that regardless of which channels I set up here, the MIDI tracks are going to be disabled until I select a MIDI channel on the SRC page.

It looks like the CHANNELS settings are redundant.

Does anyone know what the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS settings are actually used for when it comes to the A-H tracks?

An additional weird thing that I found

If I have AUTO CHANNEL set to something else than OFF then I get two CC messages for the 8 parameters under the FLTR page, on different MIDI channels: one on the AUTO CHANNEL and another on the CHAN configured in SRC.

This only happens when I tweak the knobs manually. If I set a parameter lock then I only get one CC message which was configured on the AMP page.

One of the CC messages is what I configured on the AMP page and the other seems to be what is listed under section A.8 VAL PARAMETERS in the manual.

If I turn off the AUTO CHANNEL then the extra CC message is gone.

It feels to me that there is a gap in the documentation.

Channel settings are for midi in.
The autochannel setting is the midi input channel thats forwarded to the selected track (1-H) . That’s why auto channel is 10 by default.
The selected midichannel on source page is the transmit channel.


Indeed you are right. I tried sending the same MIDI CC message that I have set on the AUTO, CHANNELS and SRC > CHAN MIDI channels and the Digitakt only reacted for the first two.

I’m just wondering why the manual would specifically mention that the channel settings are relevant for both sending and receiving when it is supposedly only for receiving…

MIDI channel that is used to receive or send

Recieving from the Digitakt point of view and transmitting channel from connected device I presume.