How are you using the individual outputs?

Hi all !

Until now I have been using the master outputs of my MK1, as I have a 4 channels interface I cannot do much. I was wondering how could I start using the individual outputs without investing a lot of money… one idea is buying a 2nd hand MOTU 896 MK3 (for example) that has 8 pre-amped channels or maybe a cheap Behringer 1820 (I’m not a Behringer fan but well…).

Another thing is to use or not to use pre-amped inputs… In that case I could just grab an ADAT extension for my interface… I know that the “best” way is to use an instrument line in or to use a direct box into a pre-amped input, but I always used my synths directly into the interface pre-amp inputs with VERY little gain… never had a problem.

I’d like to know how you guys are doing it and why, if you can share I’d really appreciate it.


I was using a separate kick out for a while so I could run that into its own channel on a desk, but then the compressor wouldn’t react to the kick…. Also depending on the song the kick might be on a different track so it didn’t always work.

That was the end of me using individual outs. Curious to hear what other people do!

(I use overbridge to record everything now so I don’t really use any outputs apart from live)

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Just running them all out to the mixer so I can send it to more outboard.


In current project I’m sending kick and bass out of individual Rytm out, into DT inputs.

The kick triggers DT sidechain, bass and all DT tracks get compression

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All individual outs into my 16 channel A&H mixer. Rest of the mixer channels are for OT and stereo effects returns. This way I can EQ all Rytm tracks and use aux sends.

Rytm is front and center to all I make, also using its DVCO as synth/bass, etc. Using the individual outs really helps towards that. Although I’m sometimes curious to simplify it back to just stereo master out again.

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