How can I gather all of my gear (stage piano, keyboard, A4, and AR) into a unified setup?

Today, I own a pretty big stage piano from Roland, which lives on my 18953 Table-style stage piano stand from König & Meyer. In September, I’ll hopefully get my Osmose, from Expressive E, which is a much smaller keyboard. For this, dual setup, I’ve been planning to get the 18952 Stacker which basically allows you to put another keyboard over the first one. However, I also have two Elektron boxes, A4 and AR, that I would like to include in my setup, and here’s where I start to run into trouble.

In addition to the 18952 Stacker, the following accessories are available to the 18953 Table-style stage piano stand:

18954 - Adapter
18817 - universal holder
18815 - Laptop holder
18807 - universal holder

However, I have a hard time seeing how I could utilize any of these accessories to mount my Elektron boxes to my setup.

An alternative that I’ve been looking at is to by one of Jaspers stands, for example Jaspers 3D-105B. However, as far as I can see, there are two problems with this solution:

  1. I don’t think my stage piano would fit anywhere. It’s just too damn big.
  2. I don’t know if there’s a way for me to securely mount my Elektron boxes to one of the slots, for example by using some sort of plywood board, cut to the right dimensions.

Do you guys have any tips on how to gather all my gear into a unified setup?

Do you intend to travel with this, or is it for static studio/home setup ? That makes a big difference.

No travel whatsoever :slight_smile: This is going to be a permanent (as permanent as it gets, us being finite creates and everything) setup in the living room.

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Are the Elektrons MKI or MKII? Do you have any desk real estate? OT/AR are likely best leveraged being front and center in your setup (depending on genre/style) rather than off to the side on a shelf. I believe you can find some dual-tier MKI stands that hold the units by the screw holes on the side. Something to consider perhaps?

I don’t really have a desk or other place to put them. I will have to buy/build everything from scratch.

Both are MKII. I would say that it’s totally fine if they are given somewhat of a backseat position in my setup though.

That’s a good idea, but I’m not sure where I would place this stand. Maybe if I could screw it onto the wall or utilize some wall shelfs or something :thinking:

…if i oversee ur situation…i’d say u do better and cheaper to end up with costumized stand solution for ALL…

the stage piano must have perfect hight for proper piano playing…while seated…right?
the osmose can go as second manual right on to top…
the mk2’s can front face u in sharp angle above…next to each other…
or as a second stack rack besides u…

in any case, pay somebody to weld a perfect and forever steel solution…

Any room to position some things to one or two of the sides of your piano, so instead of one straight piano rack make it into an L shape, having some of the gear on a stand to your side?

I always like gear to be in the same amount of reach. So instead of a long rack or table, I tend to orient things around me in a slight circle. If I would try text drawing for the first time in my life, I mean something like:

Schermafbeelding 2021-07-11 om 12.45.34

Or just to one side:

Schermafbeelding 2021-07-11 om 12.45.41

*drawing part mainly for my own pleasure

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@reeloy Having someone weld a custom stand for you seems like the very last resort, but sure. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind :slight_smile:

@lesstalkmoredisco Having a separate floor stand for the Elektron boxes is something that I didn’t think of until now. Good idea. Now I just need to f ind one.

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If you’re a little bit diy-minded you could try something simple first. I made a janky two-tier stand with some scrap wood out of this 30 euro speaker stand:

PS it is quite diy and wobbly thought, so maybe pick something slightly nicer if you can, but you get the idea - something like this could easily hold an A4 and another box for example.

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Although this is something I do also agree with. Something for you to puzzel together, but I agree.
Rytm I want front and center because I interact most often with it.
OT I want very central because otherwise I start neglecting it, I need that constant contact to keep it in my system for it to shine.

…u’ll end up way cheaper if u only make ur mind up how U would exactly want it the way u need it, sketch a little plan and find somebody who’s cutting and welding ur own costumized final solution in standard metal square pipes…
instead of paying for existing solutions from a catalog, that end up all in some kind of sub optimalized compromise…

that makes only sense if u can really invest in serious touring solutions…but all u want is the perfect fit for home jammin’…so…ur choice…of course…

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Things that work in your favor on this is that you have such a small amount of equipment that you are trying to accommodate, and that the arrangement will stay fairly static – you’re not switching stuff around constantly – and you don’t have to haul this stuff around. Sounds like the big keyboard is the center of your world, if so treat it as such, and find what makes sense to arrange the other stuff situated around it.

You didn’t mention a computer, you need to factor that in if that’s part of this.

I like reeloy’s ideas of drawing up a plan and having someone construct that for you. Since it’s a fixed sort of thing wood or wood and metal could work too. But finding the arrangement you like to make a plan sounds more your problem. lesstalkmoredisco had some good basic geometries, and making a temporary trial version of things, like what i think he did, is a good way to firm up a plan.

If you’re at all half way handy, designing and working in wood (or metal) on your own can be successful. Hardware stores can cut and thread pipe with precision. Pipe flanges are easy inexpensive ways to attach pipe (legs?) to wood parts (decks?). There is also diy pipe attachment devices that are fairly inexpensive, as for instance from Maker Pipe.

If you make some trial versions using this sort of tech, you may find you just get it as you like, and then just stick with it. I know after some trial and error that’s what I ended up doing.

Nothing like a self-contained unit for your equipment. The more stuff you can keep together in a box, routed/submixed, MIDI connected, powered into a power strip, then the easier it is to setup and play shows. It also forces you to refine how the gear works with itself/each other. Here is what I have devised for myself, maybe it’ll provide inspiration:

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Also, I did a lot of research on keyboard stands, because I wanted to make this box fit on a 2-tier stand - with the box on the lower level and lid on the upper level: There is one stand I found which can be adjusted properly to safely allow such a flat upper tier that doesn’t connect from the tubes of the lower level (can be nice to have that space behind if you’re working with dado joinery) and this is it