How can I program these kind of note bursts in this demo on the A4?

How can you get these style of fast note bursts on the A4? Around the 32 second mark there are some cool Aphex style percussion runs. How do you get that kind of thing on the A4? This is assuming they did the drum track on this demo on the A4.

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Retrig with a high rate?

Can’t hear the demo but I have got some good bursts that sound like what you are describing using the arpeggiator in conjunction with sound locks

adjust the arp time?

The A4 has no retrig


If only, though. If only…


I’ve never found retrig in the A4? :confused:

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Totally, it would open up a whole new game


And you could look forever and still never find it

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or even being able to p-lock more arp settings, lose a bit of retrig precision, but open up a “buttload” more oppurtunity(being able to turn it on and off, speed, octave range) sooooo cooooool

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You can use the OT’s arp on the A4 if that option is open to you, but I completely agree - if Elektron ever announced an update with a p-lockable arp, that would be the best day since conditional trigs.


Yeah, I’ve done it from the OT to the MnM(back when I owned it). Can you IMAGINE conditional arp retrigs on the A4?! Analog Glitch Heaven!

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So you’re not sure about this ?
Easy on the Ot.
Impossible to p-lock Arp Speed in A4 ?

No idea how to do this without trying it hands on. Dunno if I’d have any luck tho. Def sounds more like OT territory. Guess could maybe get some similar stuff by messing with the Delay speed/mix on A4/AK? The demo sounds glitchier than how I imagine that method would work out tho…

It seems counter intuitive to try to sell a sound pack by polluting the demos with other gear

Slightly OT, but the sound pack sounds interesting…anyone got it, and how do you find it?

I have it, tried to find the sound preset used. There are some glitchy quick percussions in there that sound like this but i could not figure out how they made it run so fast in short space of time.

Yep. WIth Arp it can be fast but the short times are varying, as if you would modulate Arp or Retrig (OT).

this could just be a short looping sample in the AR, with the end point modulated by LFO, imo.

Edit: no wait, it says this is A4. In that case I think this is LFO 1 with the SAW or EXPONENTIAL waveform modulating something like amp volume or oscillator volume. Amp envelope is open/not used, so it’s like a drone, but the LFO chops it up. Second LFO modulates the speed or multiplier of the first LFO.


Surely possible in AR too.
The attack of Retrigged sounds is very sharp.
With Lfos ?