How do I restore FX sounds to pre-1.21 levels?

After my upgrade to OS 1.21 finals, all my FX levels dropped back down to the point that I can barely hear some of them on a lot of my kits, even if I jack the volume in the FX Channel. Anyone else experience this and is there anything I can do to get my songs/kits back sounding how they did pre-upgrade somewhat painlessly? Hulk smash.

To be clear - after the update to 1.21 I guess FX levels, compressor, etc reverted to the pre-OB levels, breaking a few of my kits. Things just plain don’t sound right, even if I crank up the FX levels - wondering anyone has had some projects/kits get a bit busted by the final 1.21. Thanks guys!

Yup, Elektron reverted the send levels back to pre-OB settings with 1.21, so if you created kits with the louder sends, they will need to be re-adjusted again.

A few people couldn’t cope with the improved gain structure for the FX, so now we’re stuck with using the awkward (flawed) gain structure that should have been fixed long ago to avoid the few whiners that couldn’t adjust levels of their kits in order to reap the benefits of a much improved (with regards to implementation and sound) system. It looks like they’re going to go through the trouble of using up resources to create some way to choose the flawed original gain structure, or the better improved one eventually. I guess I’ll never need to access this page again once I’ve set it to not be the old inferior way.

^ +1 sometimes you gotta go with your first intent, and not backtrack to appease a few whiners! Maybe it was because the AR Sound Packs were out of whack, or some high end performance dude yelled loudly enough…who knows? But they should have stuck with the corrected settings.

Ugh… after a weekend spent tweaking everything to the new levels I now have to spend another one reverting all that…

can’t wait to actually hear the reverb and delay again (sounded so good for those brief weeks). and i’m still wondering if midi triggered re trigs are possible when set to always on. also i’m not 100% sure if a midi note acts a trig for the lfo.

on a positive note, overbridge is immense and will only get better.

To get loud wet delay/reverb, here’s the trick:

  • Set the volume on the synth and/or sample page to a minimum (not zero)
  • Set the volume of the track and on the amp page to maximum
  • Set the volume of the FX to max

Now you can set the desired amount of fx volume with the send values.

to be fair, whilst they clearly handled this wrong, i think they’re just going to make the automation of adjusting these older songs many may have a little bit easier - i don’t se it being an option, they can monitor the creation os and do the corrections internally on later os versions - i agree that this is a bit of a shame, but it’s probably not that big of a drain at their end compared to the hassles for many who may have had the machine a long time - probably the folks that don’t whine on here but just get straight on the blower to hq - so fair enough - but, sooner the better for me too, however it happens … the “well, it was a beta” argument is bogus imho, it ought to have been handled more transparently as their are inevitably casualties on both sides now

I liked the delay levels introduced in AR ob beta os! It’s a pity elektron decided to revert back to old levels :frowning: Wish they made a setting in global settings menu for user to select which fx send level to choose, i.e:
press func+track, then global, then fx levels, then 2 options: “old fx send levels”, new “fx levels”. on all new machines “new fx levels” should be configured by default. I think this option is not hard to implement on a per-track basis as well.

Yeah, I spent much of yesterday tweaking the FX levels up again and, sadly, couldn’t get them anywhere near where I had them with the beta OS. Hope there will be a solution soon…

Is there any news about this? will there be an update in the near future?

Hi, I’m a new RYTM user. So glad you guys are talking about this. I thought there was something wrong with my machine. Seems like there’s a a lot of issues to be addressed (especially in the file management dept). It’s not like I spend $1500
On drum machines all the time. When I do I would like them to work. Still on the fence with the RYTM. Seems like it’s in bad need of some updates.

Did anyone save the old OS w/ high gain FX, or is there a download for it?

I’d prefer high gain over OB right now

More is always better. At least to that point where the min fx-send level is to less and the max fx-send level is waaay to much :slight_smile:
Please make the delay and reverb (which are both of awesome quality) not just something that is happening in the background but something you can actually use as fx.
Dub it up!!