How do Stack notes in the sequencer?

Just signed up,hello everybody

Just purchased a superb analog four and I’m slowly starting to get to grips with it but I’m stuck with something that is prolly easy,I just can’t find out how to do it

Obviously I have learned how to add notes in the sequencer(one note to each step)but how do I add 2 notes or more on one step to make chords,I know I can play live on the a4 keys and record chords live but I want to make chords in the sequencer

Thanks in advance

i figured that one out;)

I am too lazy to RTFM - how do ya do it?

You’ve got to change the Poly settings on the A4 to use more voices.

Hi was wondering if there is a way to add notes to a trig when creating pads? For example a track is set to use 4 voices. In a 16 step pattern I have the first trig playing a C, and I want to add E to the trig is there a way to add this note instead of playing C and E? The mini keyboard is sometimes awarkrd to play certain chord shapes.

You can add notes in arp page. (NO2, NO3, NO4).


and use the poly arp mode I suppose?

Arp off if you want a single chord.
Poly arp if you wish.

Are you sure arp off will play chords according to the note range . (NO2, NO3, NO4).?

I think this will only work if the ARP is set to anything other then OFF.

I’ll verify this.

Also I’m not completely sure why my topic is merged with this one, as my question is different. This former topic is how to stack notes, you can stack notes by playing the chord itself. My question is how I would I go about adding notes to a trig to form a chord of sorts. I hope they don’t banish me for complaining.

the former topic was from 4 years ago ? *shurg

Yep. Seems weird but poly was implemented after release. It was 4 mono at first.