How do you connect gears to power Banks?

Hello! I get a Cycles and trying to figure out If I can use it with a power bank. It looks like my bank outputs are ok about A and V values. But how do you make the connection? What kind of converter should I use?

With a transmission?

Seriously, you need a USB cable which has the right size power connector on the other end. The specifications are in the manual (section 15). There is a connector hidden on the left where the power handle was to go, that gives you another, more flexible option.

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Thank you for the reply. I’m new for those kind of systems. I was aware the secondary connection for power but I thought it was exclusively for the offical battery system. I’m going to check it too thanks.
Actually Im confused because of I asked to an electrician about those direct conversion typle power cords and he said that It may damage your device. I thought I should use the adapter some how.

Btw, power outputs 5V 2.4A. Can I use any cable of those type of cord? Its too expensive for me ordering from Amazon because of shipping and taxes.

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Thanks for the link.

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A powerbank puts out DC 5V, and there should be no problem with spikiness or other issues with the quality of the power. I’ve used one with a Cycles, many people here have. An electrician wouldn’t get this wrong, so maybe they misunderstood the situation you were describing.

There is no conversion involved, as USB standard is 5V and that’s what the Cycles expects. So any cord that has one USB end and the other end with the right barrel diameter and tip polarity (don’t get that wrong) should be fine. I have used cables of this type intended for other small devices.

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