How do you do "FLTR/LFO" automation to the ensemble of tracks?

Hi guys, I didn’t found the answer. Hope that will not be a double topic

It seems that you can do it in live playing but I didn’t found how to “automatize” that.

I can change the values of the FLTR/LFO to the 8 tracks at the same time by pressing TRK and changing FLTR/LFO settings while the machine is playing, but I can’t understand how to create an automation to that, (I mean a “general” FLTR automation that affects the 8 tracks ensemble)

An automation seems to be possible for each single track, but not for the 8 at the same time?

Thanks for your help!

There’s no master track filter, only the ones on each individual track. That said you should be able to live record the CTRL-ALL filter movement (changing values while holding TRK in live-record mode).

All automation on the DT is per-track, there is no global automation (also why you can’t automate delay/reverb/compressor)

the “Control All” (holding down TRK) is more of a live trick than something intended to be sequenced.

I haven’t tried this, but I wonder if you can go into “Live Record” mode (hold record and press play) - then hold TRK and change your filter, maybe it will record the automation to all the individual tracks. Never tried it before and can’t test it at the moment. If it does work, keep in mind it will be 8 individually recorded automations to each track so if you manually tweaked one after the fact, it wouldn’t take place on the others unless you did a full TRK+FLTR automation again to overwrite all of them. But again, not sure if this even works at all.

Another workaround might be to use MIDI loopback - where you plug the DT’s MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN. Set your audio tracks to all listen to the same MIDI port, then use a MIDI track to automate the filter & LFO settings (through CC values). I’ve seen reports that using MIDI loopback that can cause the machine to freeze up when certain events happen but not sure on the details.

Check out this video at 21:50 where he talks about using MIDI loopback to get extra LFOs. In your case instead of using an LFO to send CC values, you would just do some live recording of your automation on the MIDI track which would then send off to the other tracks. There are other videos out there that discuss MIDI loopback as well, and I’m guessing this is probably the best solution for what you’re asking


ok, useful, thanks!!

yes I can affect the 8 tracks in real time but not in automation.
thanks for the reply