How do you organize your own recorded samples/loops

This is probably been asking before but how do you label/organize your samples/loops?

It’s getting chaotic on my HD :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i have not so much Samples/Loops finally. At the beginning, i looking for… and i didn’t find something really interesting or fitting. I kept only one shot and a few loops where i like the groove to extract it. But finally, i prefer to build mine, i take some month/years to learn synthesis and experiment because i prefer to build mine from scratch. i also invest time in Music Harmony because chords and Arrangements :wink:

I don’t like so much presets, samples or loop. You know sometimes you have a really great texture, but “alone” she’s done the track : what’s the point then ? what have you done by yourself ? (i have some case like that where i just add the beat and fx… sounds nice but the texture loop from a collection done all by her so… i use it in DJ Set but never propose it to release)

I think loop should be interesting for a few things, when Loops are like to pay a percussionist to play a groove (Shaker line, etc…) But maybe it’s better for the track to collaborate directly with a percussionist because it will add some improvement in the arrangement. Instrumentalist is way better than loops and sometimes it’s not, because you really need something straight and linear/hypnotic, it’s depend !

So, organization here is by folders : Presets, Groove, Midi, Drums, Voices, Textures, Drones, FX

inside you can made sub folders like One-Shot / Loop
Or by name like GoldBaby, DrivenDrumMachine, SoundsIISample, Shaman Stems etc… (Maybe by name at the top LEVEL of folders)

NB: Also as it’s not anymore a new music, LAW is better organized than rights for samples so keep your invoice of collection or tweak a lot your materials… if you not want to have BAD Surprise !!! If in the 90 it’s simple to build a track with sample for FREE, i think today it’s not the same game and it will be worst in the future :wink:

Well I didn’t write the topic good :stuck_out_tongue: What I mean is when you record your own stuff how do you label it… I only use my own stuff. But it’s getting a big mess on my HD because i’m bad in organize all the stuff i recorded over the last year. For example I know I have somewhere a very bad ass kick but I can’t find it back because i probably give it the name ''kick 034 FAT" :stuck_out_tongue: What doenst make any sense :stuck_out_tongue:

I record everything in Ableton so ableton makes a default folder “samples” with subfolders “processed” and “recorded”… And you should see all those files… :disappointed:

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Always a nice point is :
[Nature] : What’s the sample (Kick, Bass)
[Instruments] : From what instruments (Fender, Moog…)
[Tempo] 120
[Key] E
You can add color also like Warm, Distort, Analog, Filtered…

That’s what i use as name convention and the folders organization i told you earlier. Then i can use a dedicated search program with filters etc… something better than the system search : Find Any File, AnyFind etc…

That image can inspiring you search as TAGS with Native Instruments they do a great job in the name convention with Timbre, Mode etc… ON MAC, you can TAG too now :wink:

Will try that out. Thanks for the help.
I guess i’ll need a day or 5 too listen, name and organize everything :smiley:

At some point a program like Batch renamer can help to rename many files at once. Like “better finder rename” i use it a lot in this kind of process.
You can rename one by one in Live also, but not the clip, clic show in finder and rename the rec file.

I use samples less & less these days but my stuff has always been oragnized by instrument/style/key/tempo etc

eg folders
drum loops/techno/120

Samples that are already in use in a song are saved in a seperate song folder as well to keep things tidy.