How do you organize your power supplies ? advice welcome!

to make a long story short: over the years i succesfully sized down my “studio”, got rid of most of my synthesizers, modulars and rack units, replaced quite a bit with dektop units, never could say goodbye to so many fx pedals… and i quit playing guitar in my band recently - even more pedals in the house now :slight_smile:

actually i´m pretty happy with my setup but there´s not much equipment left over
that could hide all that messy power supply stuff.

of course i know about that fuel tanks voodoolab cioks palmer strymon eventide power supply stuff, but when i look on my desk (and the floor) i´ve got no idea what to get.

there are these big expensive power supplies that can handle pretty much everything, but for my needs they seem to be, well, too big and expensive. lol.

don´t get me wrong, i do not search for an item that replaces everything, but i also do not want to add another power strip (again) just because of these volcas i´ve added recently…

i thought about powering stuff seperateley by series, for example power all moogerfoogers with one unit, power all eventides/strymons with one unit, power all korg volcas with one unit, power all oto-s with one unit (cough…) etc
(i don´t mention standard 9v guitar pedals here, they are no problem)

another thought was to get a smaller multi out power supply with lots of power and different voltages and daisy chain from it´s single outputs. no problem again with standard guitar pedals i think but i should better forget this idea when talking about digital pedals or moogerfoogers, shouldn´t i ?

how do you guys organize that other than using a dedicated power supply for each device ?

it´s easier when you´ve got a fixed pedal board or desktop setup of course…
but i switch pedals all the time. (from floor to desktop to mic/keys etc…)

read some horror stories in the internet that go like: you can easily hook up this and that pedal to a power supply, but if you connect one too much it will kill everything in less than a minute - is that true ?

back to the volcas i´ve mentioned before. how do you power them up ? a my volts splitter cable hooked up to what ? an usb wal wart, a fuel tank type of device ? other solutions?

well, many questions, as you see i even don´t know exactly what i´m searching for. that´s why i ask you: how do you organize your power supplies ?

I have 2 surge protector power bars velcoroed to a shelf under my desk.
The reason for the Velcro is so that that stuff doesn’t move.
One has my amp, pedal board, two note torpedoe live and maybe something else, can’t remember off the top of my head.
Pedal board is powered with a voodoo lab 2+ (?).
Second power bar is running the MacBook Pro, audio interface, push, octatrack, heat and monitors iirc.
Pretty simple and easy, I don’t have that much stuff tho.

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Also, this is the reason I keep my stuff pretty streamlined, so now everything is setup, I don’t have tons of flexibility, enough, but it’s also setup and simple, which to me is more important.
Option paralysis is a real thing.

I use separate power supplies to avoid hum / noise / ground loops, but I use a combination of a very large and flexible Belkin surge protector, velcro cable ties, and a box that keeps the mess contained.




I’d love to see Elektron team up with someone like Voodoo Labs, True Tone, etc, and build a pedalboard style power supply that could power multiple Elektron units.


Yes I was also looking for that kind of solution.