How do you start a recording via OB- (into logic). always out of sync

If I use a count in the AR starts whe nthe count in starts. No count in and it doesnt sync up right either. So far Ive just been waiting a cycle then hitting R in logic for the recording to start b4 the 2nd cycle starts but this creates more work as Ive got to copy in that missing bar. Anyone have a solution?

I don’t know if there’s a way to wait until 0 for Ableton to start sending clock/start?

The midi clock delay is more about general sync to my knowledge.

If you want to create a gap, try adding the gap as a pattern in your AR song so recording starts alongside the first populated pattern?


that might have to be the solution, thanks.

I do the same in reaper. I love Rytm, but I think OB kinds blows.

Is it only with OB or does it behave the same with USB-MIDI?

Just OB, but usb over midi you still need 12 channels on your interface if you want to multitrack… the supposed beauty of OB is to pipe in all your audio through one cable - it’s nice and it barely works but IME OB has some real drawbacks - it’s doesn’t sync super tight and if you’re playing live on the pads there is some pretty noticeable latency so live playing through OB is a no go - same with the sequencer OB even states to sequence from the daw - kinda lame.

That was my experience until recently. IDK which update it was but came to my gear after a year off and Ive got virtually no latency. Im really impressed with OB now. For my external gear i monitor it all through my daw and then set a tiny delay (30-40ms?) on percussive tracks if I can hear a tiny flam or if Im playing pads along with something percussive. Find I dont need to do this often though and Im pretty picky about noticeable latency.
OB says sequence from the DAW? in general or only if youre experiencing latency?