How does the envelope work?

I know I already posted this question a few months ago, but i still don’t feel like I can get the amp envelope to work how I want it. the hold and decay part work but the attack seems to do whatever. sometimes it doesn’t do jack, then other times it fades in over several hits. I rarely get it the way I want it.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. can somebody explain?

Not sure what’s not to get…
Amp controls the rise, decay controls the fall, sustain controls the hold, and release controls the fade out. There’s also a shape which controls some unique env shape parameters I’ve not seen on many other synths before.

Jump down to the env section if you want more:

UPDATE: also this video:

Hi go into the note section of the A4 and set note length to 32 you will understand better with a sound that plays for longer when you hold a key.

The attack ENV only works when the other two are not set to their default (can’t remember it).

In order to use attack the other ENVs must be activated.

Hope that that helps.

They are different ENV parameters on the AR.

Best way to understand the env on the AR is to use a looping sample (ideally strings or pads or something droney) with the synth section turned off. That way you can clearly hear what it’s doing at various settings.

Keep in mind that note length impacts the envelope.

This confused me too. Like KOTARE has already said.
When one or both of the hold parameters is set to ‘auto’ then the attack setting of the amp envelope is overidden.
It’s either the hold setting of amp envelope or the hold param in the synth section.
Have a tinker with those 2 params to see whether you can get any joy (I assume you want slow attack).
Also do what ‘t’ said as it is a valid point.

oops, I thought this was the A4 forum :slight_smile:
I have an AR too, but yes, the envs are different as outlined above!

I find the attack envelope works if I lower the decay. I usually lower the decay to about 96 in the AMP section.

Yep, if the Decay is too long or the Hold is set to Auto you won’t get the Attack, as the envelope doesn’t have time to re-trigger. Set the HOLD to 1 ,to start, and the decay low…then adjust.

this has been mentioned elsewhere if i’m not wrong: the envelopes on the AR don’t work the way you would expect them to because it’s a drum machine not a synth, so the envelope tends to work differently. i think this was explained in another topic on the forum but can’t remember which one :astonished: (perhaps in the one you posted?)

thanks for all the replies! still can’t quite get it the way i want it but maybe it’ll come with time.