How fast can you make a beat

simple question. Not that it’s a race or anything. just curious


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4 seconds. Or less.

4 kick drums, evenly spaced.

Hit play.


lol are we supposed to submit a beat as proof? I can make a beat in like 15min, but quality can differ based on the sample

Couple of seconds, Ableton Push // Drum Rack // Techno. Might want to rephrase for more useful answers.

Watching those 10 minute tracks etc on YT, some of the masters get top shelf sampling and beats down with time to spare. Some are faking no doubt. But yeah, some real masterful folks out there.

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Whats your definition of ‘beat’ ?


Definitely read this thread’s title as “How fast can you make a boat” and my mind started racing…

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very very fast

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Do you want it so stiff you can hold the drum machine over your head without the hats falling out?

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What’s a beat in this context? Like a 1-bar drum loop? Or maybe a whole track? Or is it somewhere in between, like a 4-bar loop with multiple instruments?

Sometimes I can spend an hour or more on a couple 4-bar loops! I try not to do that, because I’ll eventually hate it and abandon it

As long as the bar takes to record

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prob a bit vague on my part but I mean something you could call a finished track not a literal beat. I dont mean all the hours mixing and mastering and details, I mean something you can put forward to someone and say yes I made this track or look to collaborate with vocalists on etc. something that resembles what the finished product is going to end up being. not a 4 bar loop.

maybe better wording would be how long does it take you to compose a track. I guess the phrasing is local but making a beat would obviously imply a track to me. and no, not a single literal track smart arses lol. a song. im just interested in speaking to people who do this with the intention of finishing tracks. I know the vast majority of people seem to solely do it to play music and noodle. I enjoy that but im starting to think I want to actually make some music with all this stuff

just curious btw im not gonna start putting some arbitrary competitive time limit on myself. who out there is putting work out on a regular basis? I jsut end up endlessly working on projects forever and never finishing and starting new ones etc. a time limit has to come in somewhere

So fast, blink and it’s gone FTL! :zap:
Who gives a :poop:?!?


A bit surprised at the completely crap response to a simple question about making music on a music making forum tbh. Was just wondering how long you lot spend on your music. Proper weird pedantic responses

300 BPM (‘lektrons, externally clocked).

Edit: Honestly though, I haven’t really tried to make something super fast in a long time. Ableton Live’s Capture feature used to help move things along quickly for me. These days I just spend a lot of time “jamming” before I ever record anything in Bitwig or to my Elektron sequencers.

Historically, it is the songs I finished making the most quickly which seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere - that I look back upon with the most wonder and fondness in the long run… (as opposed to the tracks I could never seem to let go of and thus somewhat tortured me).

Also, it’s interesting to me and worthy of note that I decided to purchase more hardware in attempt to make the songwriting and production process flow more smoothly and quickly. Unfortunately I now have a lot of hardware which has made things a lot more complicated than they ultimately need to be.


Dude they said it WASN’T a race!

I work in 1-3 hour chunks and always plan to have something vaguely resembling a track at the end of it. Results vary.

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Am I allowed to use the “Randomize” button?

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I’d say anything from 5 minutes to 3 hours.

If I spend more than 3 hours on a track I usually get bored of it and delete it.