How I have to sample a mono synth?

I’m triying to sample a mono synth, I tried to record in a flex track but only listen one channel (the channel right), I’ve change the track to THRU y select the channel when the signal is comming I listen the same wave in both channel (left/right), but I can’t record anything the command track+edit is not showing the sample wave to slice it, how I have to record a mono signal? Exists a simple procees to do that?

Change the input from A/B to A (assuming you’re plugging into input A)


I had it as you indicated but I was stuck in the monitoring since I only hear one channel in the headphones but of course when recording and then watching the recording, it sounds good. thanks you :grinning:.


The mixers direct monitoring only works as stereo…
You can monitor a mono input from a thru machine, a flex/recorder combo with record and play trigs on the same step, or a pickup machine… If you’d like…