How long till you're not considered a new user?

Just tried to post some replies and was presented with a popup saying as a new user I can’t post any replies anymore.

The algorithms are part of the independently created forum software, certain assumptions will be made in terms of activity … particularly if you try to PM or engage in marketplace I think … best fix is ironically to post replies, also try reading other posts and general forum engagement … it’ll soon lose any restrictions

Best share a screen grab of the next occurrence to get to the bottom of it, if there’s anything wrong or it perpetuates we can look at getting a fix

that’s so dumb. why would we want to encourage meaningless posts and added noise to the forum?

nobody wants or encourage meaningless posts, but the system gauges whether a user is real by how they engage … so reading posts will earn you privileges and access … an inability to reply, albeit momentarily is not anything I have seen, but it could have been a glitch or a response to the user’s activity profile … so curing that is basically being an active member, it was probably fixed when the report was made

Any suggestions should go to Discourse … they design the software … the moderators can fix things if the system is failing, but we’ll only do that when necessary, best to let the user build up a valid profile and actually earn privileges