How many octatracks are there in the wild?

I’m wondering - the local dealer down here is always out of stock and has been seen since it was released. I wonder in total since it was released how many of these have they sold?

At least two. :joy:


4 :astonished:

One too few…c’mon Elektron, ship out the next batch!

Good question. Mine counts as two sales I guess; it had been returned by the original buyer, who told the store that it was too hard to figure out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i keep wondering about Elektron …

I want to know how many patents they own? Is their plocking madness a patent?

How much turnover / profit are they making?

It seems to be such a small company, which that H U G H E bosslike impact on music production for this century!

they keep their users in the dark with proper documentation on the functionality on their babies to create a music producers elite (muhaaaaa)

How many units do they sell / have they sold?

any press releases in Forbes Magazine / Business Newspaper X ?

Good question. Mine counts as two sales I guess; it had been returned by the original buyer, who told the store that it was too hard to figure out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: [/quote]

Good question.

I’d be interested if plocking is patented, considering Elektron where no where near the first to have such functionality, merely did a good job of it.

Mind you, some countries give out the most ridiculous patents…

They are a private company no? So unless Swedish law dictates, they don’t have to release any information to anyone.

Cost saving. Why bother printing manuals or spending money on documentation?

Five*. Ever. In total.

* Based on extensive market research in this very thread.

I don’t know about Swedish law but I’d imagine that with US and Japanese operations they would be obliged to file accounts for these operations. Anyway, rather than waffle on, these accounts will be publicly available and will give you your turnover and profits albeit a year or so out of date. It’s hugely unlikely you’ll get chat about unit sales and the likes though.

Had to chime in. It’s not often that forums I like have accountancy based questions. Got to put that CA qualification to use…!

Plocking is something I have seen on the quasimidi polymorph.
You had 4 parts and per part 4 tracks. 1 note track and 3 parameter tracks which you could lock per step.
I dont know about earlier machines having similar functionality.

I see the monomachine as a full-grown polymorph concept. I dont know if Elektron was inspired by the polymorph but having owned a polymorph
You can see it bottom left above the turning knobs, ‘pitch’ and ‘line’ 1 to 3.

the big con on this machine was, that with a pattern switch the DSP’s would get reset, so you had audio drops and sequencer hiccups which cost about a second for the machine get back in sync.

Just some background info on ‘the history of parameter locking’ as I see it :wink:

No serial number of any kind on the device?

thanks for the info on the revenue, and that there was another synth which had some sort of plock …

… I actually really meant it … when you are able to use the elektron gear you are the elite … you have to be able to untroll the internet, otherwise not user to user support will be offered to you… you need to be patient and have your adhs in cheque …

if you can hear this you are the resistance …anybody know the movie? :wink:

if you can play this you are the elite … everybody know the machines?