How to achieve moody techno textures with GAS

This is one of my favourite albums, spent a lot of my uni years listening to it as a study aid and to help with long bus rides.

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It can be.


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Jokes aside I do think that PT delays, be it bugbrand, strega or something else really do set down a nice layer of texture, ringmod a drone oscillator with your main tracks audio and then send the ringmod results through a delay can be interesting to mix in also, sort of gives a laggy blurry vision of the track in question. As we all know there is a million ways to do things so even though you probably already own 5 solutions to your problem you may as well buy something new :slight_smile: :dash:


Serious answer: Valhalla Supermassive, its free and lives up to its name.

The first few minutes of this is a surprisingly good industrial ambient piece, not sure I’ll ever get such a setup though.


Amazing! Sounds good already

Plan today (got a free day!) is to try and hook up midi to my Quadraverb!

I’ve never modulated / affected it, only used it statically.

Detune them…than what?!

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I present: a recording!

Unfortunately I failed to produce it with GAS, for which my apologies.

All from a day experimenting with my Quadraverb. First I tried running some synth hits into it, but I kept hearing hits too defined, even when full wet. Using the dual reverb inputs on one of the settings seemed to help a bit; feeding it with modulated output of the pitch modulation plus a second input from the delay line of the Quadraverb. Still a bit too defined all.

Thinks got better when I thought of just using OT’s Cue out into the Quadraverb. It’s way easier to source and audition material to feed into the reverb, cause I have a million loops recorded in my OT already. Loops seemed to work better instead of separate hits anyways, logically. Plus this way there’s SIX lfo destinations (!!) to bring in some movement into the texture sausage easily: three with the original loop, and three again in the Thru track return. Plus fx slots before and after :))

First up, thanks for indulging me with all kinds of solid gold junk answers in this topic - I know I was asking for it (I was in a train for three hours with only my phone:)

Second up, for who’s interested, here’s a recording of my first attempts best result.

Lastly, I’m still figuring texture sausages out, as I always say that’s the part that comes less easy to me but I’ve got my mind set to figuring them out now:) So any tips are welcome!
For example good kinds of source material?
Interesting fx to use on OT before and after the Quadra? (Now my best result was to use DJ EQ before and after, sort of as band passes with more controls, and to modulate with lfos)
I’m not yet modulating the Quadraverb with midi, it seemed using the six lfos in the OT itself was easier.
Just I try more FM / audio rate modulation stuff?
Any Quadra tips? There’s so many different structures/building blocks to choose! I was guessing that for movement it’s smart to choose a mode that also includes delay lines and pitch?

Cheers y’all - proper tips are very welcome, but feel free to hijack with jokes, I realize that’s what I’ve set the thread up to in advance :joy:


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So eerie and cold. Well done!

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Texture Sausages = next ambient E.P.

Your example sounds nice to me man. Not sure about using it with an OT like that… I just use the QV on a mixer send, and have it coming back on dedicated stereo channels so I can feed back the return into itself, classic trick.

If you’re looking for more smearing try putting an even more lo-fi reverb first (I use the mighty Midiverb II) or try a nice wide stereo delay after (easily done in the DAW).

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Yes + infinite reverbs, sloooooow fm stuff

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Distortion post reverb can be cool too. I like a hard distortion like a fuzz but with a low mix.