How to backup your +Drive Sound library in one file

I just discovered this and tested it by formatting my drive then loading everything back from C6.

1 . Go to Sound Manager (Function + Sound)
2. Tap the first trig two times and all the trigs will light up.
3. Press the right arrow and choose ‘Select All’
4. you will get a message ‘#### sounds selected’
5. Scroll to bottom of same menu and choose send sysex. (make sure C6 is recieving before you do this)
6. Save your file. your +Drive sound library is now backed up.

strange that this is not in the manual or update notes.


Nice find. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s one of those things that a lot of people don’t use but they should.
I bet 99% of the users on here don’t know this is even possible, because when others were asking about this no one had an answer.

Excellent, thanks!

This should be made sticky on the forum ,

Thank you for this!

thanxx mate, that helps a lot.
anyone know here how to backup all patterns incl. all?

I think you need to backup “All Project”.
Patterns should be a part of current project AFAIR.

ok i will try this. thanxx and have a nice sunday;)

Did they remove this function (nothing happens for me when i tap the trigger like described.)

Anyone know if it’s possible to somehow backup the +drive sounds by some other means (i have overbridge)… thanks.

The behavior has changed a little. if you go into sound manager and all the LED’s are lit (1-16) the everything is already selected. if just one is lit then hit it and all should light up. then follow the same procedure.

just tested, works as expected

thanks, it seems to work.

This is so helpful thanks, had my a4 for a month now feel fairly comfortable with it apart from the library hierarchy just find it really confusing hopefully in Overbridge this will be easier, I wish each bank of sounds had a header. is this possible?

Oh lord. Thanks for this! I was totally just doing All Sounds in the project not realizing I hadn’t backed up all 1609 sounds on my A4. Hahaha. I wonder if restoring them would restore to the same banks and slots as they came from.

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This is great thanks but how do I now copy all of this to my second A4?

I have the same question as @amnesia and @slicetwo - how would one go about restoring or uploading to a new/clean A4. There is no “receive sysex” in the sound manager menu…

Edit: found it, it’s in global–>sysexdump–>sysexreceive–>+drivesound